What is the best tablet under 200

Price hit in the test: The best tablets under 250 euros

Thomas Rau

You don't actually have to spend more than 250 euros for a good tablet. You can find the best of the cheap in the PC-WELT test.

EnlargeTop tablet, low price: How good are cheap tablets?

With home office and home schooling, tablets are making a surprising comeback. In view of declining sales figures, this device category was on the verge of extinction until recently because it seemed superfluous due to the competition from large smartphones and ultra-mobile touchscreen notebooks. But now families and companies suddenly have to equip themselves with suitable devices for work and study at home: If the budget is to stay within the framework, the eye quickly falls on inexpensive tablets. They should be able to do at least basic tasks such as Internet research, office work and video conferences.

Inexpensive tablets for 250 euros or less come into question if they are not to be used as a central work device, but as a two or third device. Web surfing and video calls are no problem at all. However, they do not meet high expectations: In terms of computing power and the quality of the display and camera, they do significantly worse than more expensive tablets from around 400 euros. At this price, however, Chromebooks and notebooks offer alternatives.

In the price range around 250 euros, you only have to make a few compromises with the Lenovo Tab P11: It offers a fairly high resolution and sits in a sturdy metal case. The display impresses with its pleasantly high brightness and natural color rendering, but skin tones look pale. The same applies to the front camera. Apart from that, the P11 is suitable for video conferences, because two microphones and the four loudspeakers ensure good sound transmission. With optional accessories such as a smart charging station, an input pen or a keyboard with a stand cover, it can be upgraded to a work device.