How do I convert videos

Video Formats: Conversion Made Easy

Peter Stelzel-Morawietz

Convert any film quickly, easily, space-saving and resource-saving for any output device: The guide explains how you can easily solve this task. And the mobile phone shows videos without burdening the data volume.

EnlargeAlways convert to the right video format.
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One can wonder why Microsoft's current operating system doesn't even play DVDs anymore. But instead of thinking about sense or nonsense, you can quickly install this basic function via the VLC Media Player or an unofficial Windows Media Center adapted for Windows 10. But it is not always that simple with the right playback software, the right video formats and the optimal resolution. Just think of the smartphone: it makes no sense to save a film in Full HD or even 4K on it if the display does not even resolve it. In addition to other problems, such a video would only take up unnecessarily much of the already scarce storage space.

There are also problems with streaming in the network. Films are stored there on the network hard drive (NAS) and in principle they can also be played on the network-compatible television set, but only in principle. If the codec is not correct here and the material first has to be transcoded by the NAS, only devices with a powerful CPU and sufficient main memory can do this in real time. NAS is not just NAS.

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Another aspect is the storage and downloading of films from the Internet, but this is expressly not about illegal downloads or the removal of copy protection. A video backed up in this way can then also be viewed offline or later when it has long since disappeared from the media libraries of the TV stations.

Movies and TV - The app from Windows 10 can do that

These are just a few examples of many for which the following article provides solutions. To do this, you will find a software package in the following table that will help you convert, save, record and play. This is particularly easy with the Tipard Total Media Converter: Here you just set the playback device - for example the Samsung Galaxy S5 or the Playstation 4 - the software takes over the optimal settings as well as the conversion, which we will come back to later.

At a glance: Tools for converting videos




Active presenter

Records the screen content as a video (screencast)


Any video converter

Converts movies to the format you want, including online videos


Batch picture resizer

Shrink and convert many photos with one click


Format Factory

Converts pictures, music and videos into various formats


Free MP4 Video Converter

Converts movies to MP4 format for mobile devices


Freemake Video Downloader

Loads videos from online portals onto the hard drive



Media center software with many functions


Media purge

Sorts and deletes duplicate media files


Media library view

Stores programs from the TV media libraries


Great 2016

Converts audio and video files into various formats, with device presets


Tipard Total Media Converter

Converts audio and video files into various formats, with device presets