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Driving school of all classes

Would you like to get a driver's license? Here is our offer for you:

At DEULA Freren you can acquire driving licenses of the following classes:

  • A1, A2, A - motorcycle
  • AM - mopeds
  • B196 - motorcycle
  • B, BA, B197 - passenger car (BA = automatic shift, B197 = automatic shift, can also be used for manual transmission vehicles)
  • B96, BE - trailer driving license for cars (class B, BA, B197)
  • C - vehicles over 3.5t
  • CE - trucks and articulated trucks
  • D - Omnibus with 8 seats
  • DE - Trailer license (over 750 kg) for class D towing vehicles
  • L, T - tractor for agricultural and forestry purposes (tractor)

You can get an overview of the classes in PDF format here *.

We train theory and practice all dayso that you can already have your driver's license in3 - 4 weeks can acquire. In the respectiveEaster, summer, autumn holidays we also offer you through theVacation driving school the opportunity to get your driver's license from DEULA Freren. You are also welcome to use the overnight accommodations in our guest house.


  • Class AM, A1, A2, A, B196, B, BA, B197, B96, BE, L, T, moped
  • Class C, CE, D, DE
  • EU driver training modules 1 - 5
  • EU drivers accelerated basic qualification
  • EU drivers accelerated basic qualification for transfer users



These courses may be eligible for funding through the employment agencies or the municipal employment agency. We would be happy to offer you competent advice. Please contact us for this.

We will be happy to answer any further questions, ambiguities or suggestions you may have. Please give us a call, write us an email or get to know us personally. We look forward to you!

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Phone: 05902 9339-0
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 * Images courtesy of Heinrich Vogel Verlag, Springer Fachmedien M√ľnchen GmbH.