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Passing the driving test in Germany: This is how you are optimally prepared

In a nutshell: driving license test

When do you get a driver's license?

In order to be able to obtain a driving license in Germany, it is necessary to pass a practical and theoretical driving test. The requirements for both tests also depend on the driving license class for which the driver's license is to be acquired.

How do the driving tests work?

In the theory test, the examinee has to answer multiple-choice questions on a computer or tablet. If the permissible number of error points is not exceeded, the theoretical test for the driver's license is deemed to have been passed. In the practical driving test, a test drive is carried out in the presence of the driving instructor and examiner. If this is successful, the driver's license will then be handed out and you can henceforth take part in road traffic with a vehicle.

Do you have to pay for the exams again if you fail the first attempt?

There are fees for both the theoretical and practical driving test. If these are not passed in the first attempt, the costs must be borne in full again in the event of a repetition.

Important information about the driving test

Theoretical test for the driver's license

Visiting a Driving school can become a time-consuming and costly matter become. In the end, however, the effort should be worthwhile and the learner driver is the proud owner of a driver's license in the desired driver's license class.

But from registering at a driving school to the time the student holds their driver's license in their hand, there are a few hurdles to overcome. Above all, this includes that Passing the theoretical and practical driving test.

How exactly can learner drivers optimally for the driver's license test to practice? Which one procedure is intended for theoretical and practical driving tests? Can even take a driving school test on-line be completed? The following guide is dedicated to these questions and provides you with all the essential information about the driving test in Germany.

Preparing for the exam in the driving school

Those who start their driving license training highly motivated naturally want to get behind the wheel as quickly as possible and learn how to operate a motor vehicle in a practical way. However, first of all they have to theoretical basics for participation in road traffic be created.

It is therefore advisable to attend a few theory lessons first. These are usually offered on site at the driving school. For each driving license class are first of all 12 double hours of “basic material” of theoretical lessons are compulsory.

But do not worry, you can already take part in the practical lessons if you have not yet attended all the theory lessons. These are usually divided thematically. For example, there are teaching units for the Right of way, to the Overtaking, towing, environmental protection or the right behavior with one accident.

A Admission to the theoretical driving test only happens if you have the legally stipulated minimum number of theory lessons completed to have. In addition to the basic material, which is required for every driver's license, there are additional compulsory lessons in the so-called, depending on the driver's license class Additive added. Below we deliver a small one Overview of how many hours in the additive must be completed for the respective driving license class:

  • A, A1: 4 hours
  • B, M, L: 2 hours
  • T: 6 hours
Good to know: It is not required by lawthat you must cover all subject areas with the theory lessons. So you could also attend the same lesson twelve times. However, this approach is not recommended, as you have to master all topics for the theoretical driving test anyway.

Practice with the exam papers for the driver's license

So that it goes with the Theory test It is essential that aspiring driver license holders can also succeed sufficient for this part of the driving test learn. Which learning method is used for this depends on the preferences of the learner driver.

As in almost all areas of life, digitization does not stop at learning. In the past, the examination papers were crammed, answers were ticked with a pencil and then removed with an eraser, today they are used Computer and tablet to practice.

Above all, they move Appsthat have to be paid more and more into focus. Of course there is still classic textbooks for learner drivers who still value analog learning. Ultimately, every prospective driver's license holder has to decide for themselves which method is best for them.

Theoretical driving test: procedure

If you feel well prepared and have completed the required compulsory theory lessons, you can Register with TÜV or DEKRA for the theoretical driving test and one make an appointment. For this part of the driving test are the following documents are required:

  • Valid identity card or passport
  • Certificate from the driving school that all legally required hours have been completed
  • Proof of payment of the examination fee

Once the formalities have been clarified and the test documents for the driver's license handed in, you can start. The Theoretical driving test is taken on a PC. Depending on the desired driving license class, there is a certain number of test questions.

These must be in Multiple choice process get answered. For wrong answers is there Failure points from two to a maximum of five. Once you have taken your place at the computer, there is a small introductory program.

Once this has been completed, the theory test starts. They have sufficient time to answer all questions and can check the ticked answers again before completing the course.

Since April 2014 small video sequences used to query the knowledge about the traffic rules. For example, you need to recognize which driver is in which situation Right of way Has. Once you have completed the exam, the program will immediately evaluate your results.

Do you have passed, you will receive an examination certificate as proof for driving school. As soon as this is available, the preparations for the practical driving test can enter the critical phase. You can now register for this.

Can the theoretical driving test be taken online?

It is possible to practice online for the driver's test, but you have to take it at one recognized test center of TÜV or DEKRA on site. This is the only way to ensure that the learner driver actually takes the test himself and cannot cheat.

Theoretical driving school test failed

At the beginning of 2019, several reports went through the press that more and more learner drivers fail the driving test in theory and practice. The basis for these headlines was a statistic of the failure rate, which was published by the Federal Motor Transport Authority.

Accordingly fell in the year In 2017, around 39 percent of the test subjects passed through. That means a significant increase in the last ten years. A research group is now to investigate why the increased failure rate in the theoretical driving test is to be moored.

This is little consolation, but you should keep this in mind if it doesn't work on the first try. However, you can only start a new attempt after two weeks at the earliest.

consider it: Have the theoretical driving test failed, must they costs for the same paid again become. So you always pay the same price for each attempt, there is no “discount” if you need several attempts.

End of driving school: the practical test

The following sections are now dedicated to the crowning glory of driving license training: the practical driving test. Will this passed, is the test item afterwards proud owner of a valid driver's license and may participate in road traffic after receiving the driver's license.

Do that Driving license at 17 Years within the framework of the “accompanied driving” model, you must always have a registered companion ride in the car. We describe which compulsory hours you have to complete in order to be admitted to the practical driving test, how exactly the test takes place and give tips for a good success.

Driving license test: preparation through driving lessons and special trips

Driving a motor vehicle has to be learned first and is usually not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Therefore does the practical driving license training a large part of the road to getting a driver's license.

The first driving lesson is usually eagerly awaited. Often, however, this is what happens first Basic practiced: Adjusting the seat and mirrors, operating the indicators, moving off. The driving instructor also has pedals on the passenger seat and can therefore intervene in an emergency and, for example, prevent a rear-end collision.

A Minimum number of driving lessons is not mandatory, these are based on the ability and willingness of the learner to learn. However, this does not mean that you can get approval for the practical driving test without driving lessons. There are so-called class B driving licenses Special tripswhich must be completed by every prospective driver's license holder. These are:

  • Night drive: This takes 135 minutes and is intended to give the learner driver a feeling for driving in the dark. The use of the high beam is also practiced. In addition, the driving instructor reveals how you can check all the lights on your vehicle for functionality.
  • Highway driving: As the name suggests, this 180-minute special drive takes you onto the autobahn. Threading, overtaking and taking the right exit - all of this is practiced. In addition, depending on availability, a route is selected on which the recommended speed applies, so that the learner driver also learns how to control a car at a very high speed.
  • Overland trip: At 225 minutes, the overland trip is the longest of the special trips. The main aim here is to convey a feeling for long journeys on country roads and the applicable speed limits.

Do you have this Special tripswhich are usually more expensive than normal driving lessons, completed, the Admission to the driving test. If you have already passed the theory test, you can then make an appointment with a recognized examination center.

As mentioned earlier, the Number of driving hours required variable. So don't worry if it takes you a little longer to learn to drive a car. You should only register for the practical driving test if you feel confident in handling the vehicle and the traffic rules.

When the big day has come: the practical exam process

At the Day before the practical driving test is usually another driving lesson as "Dress rehearsal" held. On the day of the exam, you start at the driving school and drive with the driving instructor to organize the exam. The driving examiner also comes there.

This will sit in the rear of the vehicle. For the drivers licence class B is a Exam duration of 45 minutes scheduled. During this time you have the opportunity to show the examiner that you are Master the car and traffic rules safely.

Depending on the driving license class, the practical driving test different basic driving tasks posed. This can be, for example, a turning maneuver, parking or emergency braking.

During the test drive that of the Driving examiner again and again instructions give. If you do not understand clearly what is required, do not be afraid to ask specific questions.

Master all the tasks you are asked to do without any major blunders, you should get the Pass the driving test. If this is the case, you will then be given your driver's license and can henceforth take part in road traffic with a vehicle.

At the beginning of 2021, some changes regarding the practical driving test came into force. Among other things, the duration of the test drive was extended by ten minutes.

Five minutes of the newly gained time should be used for a feedback discussion with the examiner. The prospective driver's license holder has to do a total of eight driving tasks for the practical driving test. The examinee must also prove his or her competencies in five other areas.

Important: Must be Driving instructor during the practical driving test interventionby initiating a braking process, for example, an acoustic signal sounds and the test is deemed to be failed.

Failed the driving test: Cheer up!

As with the theory test for the car, the failure rate of the practical driving test is in a high range. In 2017, 32 percent of the test subjects arewhat around 432,000 exams corresponds in practice failed.

That can different reasons to have. Play often Excitement and test anxiety a major role. If it didn't work on the first attempt, it is advisable to complete a few more driving lessons and work on the mistakes so that it works on the second attempt.

Passing the driving test by car: tips and tricks

We have a few so that you can pass the driving test with a motorcycle, car or truck Tips compiled for you, with the help of which you get through the stress of the exam well:

  • Don't drive yourself crazy! While this is always easier said than done, there is no need to be overly excited. The widespread myth that some examiners are out to ensure that the examinees fail cannot be confirmed in this way. Try to take it easy.
  • This also means that you get enough sleep the day before the practical driving test.
  • Reflect on your skills during the test drive. If the driving instructor did not trust you to be able to pass the test, he would not have registered you for it. A healthy level of self-confidence can definitely help here.
  • Carry out all driving maneuvers cleanly and calmly. Always keep an eye on the following traffic. Special attention must also be paid to cyclists and pedestrians so that no one is endangered.

Driver's license test: what are the costs?

Acquiring a driving license can lead to a costly proposition become. Registration in the driving school, driving lessons, special trips - all of these are items that ultimately make up a tidy total bill.

Then there are the Exam feeswhich, as already mentioned, have to be paid again for each attempt and can thus drive up the total costs again if it does not succeed at the first attempt.

Depending on the driving license class, the costs of the practical and theoretical driving test vary. For a car driver's license each fall 22.49 euros (theory test) and 91.75 euros (practical driving test) at.

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Passing the driving test in Germany: This is how you are optimally prepared
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