Vitamin E helps reduce hair loss

Biotin is indeed involved in good hair and scalp health, but since many other vital substances are decisive, if other deficiencies are present, a dietary supplement with biotin alone will not help very much, so that one should always think of all the necessary vital substances.

When looking to buy a biotin supplement, pay attention to the dosage. Often only very small amounts of biotin are contained, so that we give you the following high-dose preparations:

  1. Biotin is contained in high doses (5 mg) in the hair vitamin capsules from Cosphera recommended above.
  2. A biotin preparation that is twice as high is Biotin Forte from effective nature with 10 mg biotin per daily dose.

Silicon (silica) is very important

Unfortunately, silicon is a trace element that has received far too little attention. In the body, it is mainly found in the bones, but also in the hair, nails, tendons and ligaments. In smaller quantities in the soft tissue.

If there is a tendency to hair loss, a deficient silicon supply could cause the hair to fall out more intensely. Silicon is particularly found in oats or brown millet and also in nettles, but only in small quantities in other foods, so that today's common diet provides little silicon.

Several studies have already indicated that silicon has a positive effect on hair health. In 2007, for example, German scientists at the University Clinic in Hamburg-Eppendorf published research results that the daily intake of silicon had significantly increased hair volume (15).

Study participants were healthy women who complained of particularly thin hair. Since silicon is said to have a strengthening effect on the hair structure, the test subjects should take 15 ml (1 large tablespoon) of silicon gel daily for 6 months.

After this time it was found that not only the hair volume had increased, but that the health of the hair had also benefited from the silicon intake, which was reflected in the new shine and vitality of the hair.

Three years later, researchers from the Karlsruhe City Hospital reported similar results (16). Here, too, it was proven that silicon (when taken three times a day at 350 mg each for 6 months) with previously reduced hair quality (brittle and fragile hair) led to clearly healthier, more beautiful and also thicker hair.

In a review (1) from 2016, two further studies were presented in which a significant improvement in hair and nail quality was also found after taking silicon (10 mg daily for 9 months), which was not the case in the respective placebo groups was.

Silicon can therefore be included in the therapy in the case of existing hair loss. The trace element can be used not only internally, but also externally.

  1. Internally, the acid-free and therefore basic colloidal silicon gel from GeoSilica is ideal.
  2. Externally, silicon-containing hair growth concentrates are applied to the scalp (e.g. silicon Nu Grow hair tonic from effective nature), which mineralize the scalp, activate it and at the same time - if there is any irritation - soothe it.

This is how conventional medicine treats hair loss

In conventional medicine, too, attempts are made to find the cause of hair loss, but in some cases several experts have to be consulted: the dermatologist, the endocrinologist and possibly the gynecologist.

In the end, however, the remedy finasteride is usually used, especially in the case of genetically caused hair loss. It inhibits 5-alpha reductase, which would otherwise convert testosterone to DHT, so it lowers DHT levels.

The side effects include a decreased libido, erectile dysfunction up to impotence and depression, which do not even go away in every case after stopping the drug. Infertility, dry eyes and visual disturbances can also occur as side effects of taking finasteride.

In addition, finasteride must be taken permanently, if you stop using the product, the hair will fall out again within a few weeks.

When one moreover in 2015 inter alia. examined those clinical studies that led to the approval of finasteride, it was found that they were not entirely correct. It did not present important risks and side effects comprehensively enough, presumably to put the product in a better light.

Finasteride is not approved for women. Therefore, in the case of androgenetic hair loss, they are advised to use certain hormone preparations or to use minoxidil, a solution that is applied to the scalp and which should show results after 6 months at the latest. Men can also massage the latter into the scalp twice a day in the event of hair loss, but not if the scalp is reddened or otherwise irritated.

However, it is precisely these symptoms that are the possible side effects of Minoxidil. It can dry out the skin, causing itching, redness, and irritation, and also leading to rashes.

While women usually recommend a two percent minoxidil solution, men take a five percent solution. Women should not take the latter because they can lead to unwanted hair growth on other parts of the body (chest, legs, beard).

What are the side effects of natural hair loss remedies?

Perhaps one or the other thinks after reading this article: "Only" go to such lengths for my hair? Let's assume you suffer from hair loss and decide to consistently apply the presented holistic concept and the appropriate remedies for hair loss.

After two weeks you will not notice any difference and you will be impatient. Even after four weeks, you still see no progress on your head and start to doubt. However, if you weren't just focused on your hair loss, you would have long since realized that something has changed - a lot:

You may suddenly feel a lot fitter, you are no longer so tired, you get out of bed better in the morning, you can work more concentrated, your skin becomes smooth and clear, your gas is gone, the stiffness of your joints is decreasing, your gums are down no longer so inflamed, your headache has not returned for days and instead you feel clear, fresh and full of energy.

These are the side effects of holistic hair loss remedies. It may be that when you heard the word side effects you were thinking of something negative. However, side effects can also be positive, which is often the case in naturopathy.

How can it be that hair loss treatments can have such appealing side effects? A poor diet, poor intestinal health, an overworked liver, insufficient sleep and all the other factors can not only lead to hair loss, but are also the root cause of many other chronic ailments. The positive side effects of the holistic hair loss remedies mentioned above as examples are therefore not surprising.

So when using the naturopathic concept against hair loss, don't just pay attention to the changes on your head! Instead, use your hair loss for a new way of life and nutrition, in order to stay healthy all around or finally become one. When new hair growth sets in, this success is just the icing on the cake. Patience is very important in hair loss therapy and often also the price for long-term success.

The holistic concept: all hair loss remedies

A holistic concept is always adapted to the personal circumstances, the type of hair loss and the possible causes of hair loss.

  1. In the case of hereditary hair loss, you can first test the three remedies mentioned above (saw palmetto extract, pumpkin seed oil, sulforaphane).
  2. In the case of diffuse hair loss, the possible causes are clarified and a suitable concept is put together accordingly (see above under “3. Diffuse hair loss”).
  3. If an underactive thyroid is the cause of your hair loss, you will find the holistic concept for the natural treatment of the underactive thyroid here: Treating the underactive thyroid naturally
  4. In the case of circular hair loss, the holistic concept for autoimmune diseases is implemented (see above under “Which remedies are used for hair loss?”).

For the sake of simplicity, here again all the remedies against hair loss (especially against diffuse and circular hair loss) and the exact procedure from a holistic point of view:

  1. Change your diet to a healthy diet rich in vital substances and excess alkaline. During the change z. B. the 30-day excess alkaline detoxification cure, during which you will learn how to prepare healthy meals rich in vital substances and excess alkaline. Our cooking channel on YouTube, our recipe section or our cookbooks can provide further help with changing your diet.
  2. Take probiotics. You will find detailed instructions on how to properly take probiotics here.
  3. Optimize your supply of vital substances: Ideally, first let us clarify which deficiencies you have. You can find information on this in relation to vitamins here: How do you determine a vitamin deficiency? and regarding minerals here: How do you identify a mineral deficiency? If this is not possible, use the hair vitamins from Cosphera, which provide almost all vital substances relevant to hair.
  4. If there is an iron deficiency, you will find well-tolerated, purely herbal iron supplements here. Many of these natural iron supplements already contain vitamin C, which can promote iron absorption. In addition, vitamin C supplements or L-lysine capsules can be taken, which also improve iron utilization.
  5. If there is a zinc deficiency, chelated zinc can help very well to remedy the deficiency, as it is very easily bioavailable and well tolerated. A very good combination preparation that regulates the acid-base balance at the same time is the base citrate from effective nature. In addition to zinc, it also provides the basic minerals calcium, magnesium and potassium plus silicon, which is particularly important for hair health.
  6. Silicon can also be taken in single preparations, e.g. B. the colloidal silicon with high bioavailability from GeoSilica.

The hair loss is significantly reduced

When does hair loss stop - when does new hair grow? You will quickly find that the hair loss remedies described above significantly reduce your hair loss and in most cases can be stopped completely within a short time.

In order to activate the hair regrowth afterwards, however, the body needs a little more time. Since the regeneration process of the scalp depends on the overall constitution of the person affected and the regeneration of the entire body, you should generally plan a period of 3 to 6 months for hair regrowth.

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