What is your dream trip

Column: What actually is a dream trip?


"Dream trip" - with this word you are sure to shoot several images through your head. Let me guess: on most of them there is a long sandy beach with white sand and turquoise blue sea like you can see in the photo above, right?

But why is that actually the case?

The tourism industry has been trying to burn this image into our brains for years. You only need to enter the word “dream trip” once into the Google image search and you will find numerous photos of lonely islands, said white sandy beach and almost unreal-looking turquoise-blue water. Clearly, I wouldn't say no to a long sandy beach and blue sea either. On the contrary!

What beautiful beaches have I seen! And I can count myself lucky to have already been to all of the places that you can see here in my photos.

Of course, a holiday by the sea or on a lonely island is wonderful - you could almost think of it as being “wonderfully beautiful”. Relaxing on the beach, just doing nothing - each of us probably needs such a break at some point. Perhaps it is precisely this longing for “skillful idleness” that the tourism industry tries to exploit when it calls the said photos of long sandy beaches a dream trip for us and wants to attract us to book comparable holiday trips.

But especially in the last few years I have been able to experience so many great trips that had little to do with a beach vacation, let alone “doing nothing”. Explore nature, see different landscapes, climb mountains and spend the night in the jungle. Break out of everyday life and experience adventure! Why are these trips not more often referred to as so-called “dream trips”? My personal idea of ​​a dream trip today would definitely go in the direction of such an adventure vacation.

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When traveling takes you further

As it is often said, traveling broadens your horizons. Sometimes more sometimes less. Probably more on a trip to the Aboriginal tribes in the Australian outback than while sunbathing in the Balearic Islands. But one thing is always the same when traveling: you have the opportunity to continue your education, get to know other countries and cultures, ways of life and languages. For me it is the most beautiful kind of education. Not only because you develop yourself a little further as a result, but also get the opportunity on every trip to recognize your own point of view in the world, your own value in it, and thus to a certain extent learn a little more about yourself again and again. When you stand at the top of the One World Trade Center, see the skyscrapers of the Big Apple like small miniature buildings at your feet or when you suddenly find yourself in the middle of nature on a trip to the Australian Blue Mountains near Sydney extends for miles in front of your eyes to the horizon - in these moments your own image that you have of the world is, so to speak, corrected. Put in the right proportion again. All the problems of everyday life, no matter how big they seem, suddenly appear very small in relation to this gigantic view. Not insignificant, but at least a long way off. Not forever, of course, but at least for the moment.

It is moments like these that make a trip so valuable to me. From which one can draw, even long after one is back on one's homeland. A journey from which you take memories that are unforgettable and from which you can take something for the future:

In particular experiences from which one can still find years later dream can.