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1981. the red bus sees the light of day. in September of the same year, the first approval by the company "hall" takes place. this regularly fills cigarette machines in the bergisches land, a rural region east of cologne. the bulli with a high roof is perfect for stowing a number of tobacco sticks. With the disappearance of many machines, the bus was sorted out by the company at the end of the nineties and released for sale.

an elderly couple who were keen to travel took on the red bus. the first renovation work has now taken place around 400,000 km on the humpback. a foldable back seat as well as a refrigerator and a water tank have been integrated. the bulli slowly developed from a tobacco cart to a camping bus. many trips during this time now had the eifel or the wine regions of central germany as their destination. around 15 years after the takeover, the bus changed hands again. the two pensioners had grown a little tired of traveling due to their age.

In 2008 a young man made a dream come true when he bought the red bus. seen, fell in love immediately, scraped together the last cent - and never regretted it. many trips followed, now not just focusing on germany. the red bus rolled through all of europe. further renovations followed, the bulli was lovingly transformed into a small home. even a piston seizure after approx. 750,000 km could not stop the era. a replacement engine has been rattling in the rear since 2016 and many more experiences are the goal. as long as the red bus is rolling. #redbusrollin

Technical specifications:

vw t3 from volkswagen (marsrot)
year of construction 1981, first registration 09/1981
1.6l diesel engine with 37 kW (50 HP), 4 cylinders
air-cooled & rear-wheel drive
length 4570 mm | width 1844 mm | height 1735 mm (without superstructure)

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