What is meant by SAP Workflow ABAP

Simply translated, workflow means workflow or workflow. In the real sense, this means the system-technical mapping of a process. During my studies, I once heard from a manager that companies implementing SAP would have to make themselves dependent on SAP and that all their processes would have to be based on the SAP software. At first it sounds plausible if you assume software that you buy, install and then use. But this is not the case with SAP.

In the following I will show you what the SAP Business Workflow is all about and what it entails!

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Map individual processes and continuously optimize them

SAP Business Workflow Rather, it should be viewed as a framework with which you can map your own processes and continuously optimize them. SAP does not just consist of individual transactions that are to be used. These transactions, or rather the individual building blocks that are hidden behind them, can be seen as individual functions that have to be integrated into the respective process steps. If a function does not yet exist, it will be recreated.

Especially in the times of Total Quality Management (TQM) and the life of a continuous improvement process, it is important to be able to adapt processes as easily and without great effort. With Business Workflow, SAP offers a working environment with which processes can be coordinated far beyond individual transactions. In addition, through the modeling interface in the Workflow Builder, individual passages of a process can be revised quickly and clearly without first having to look at the entire process in terms of system technology.

Overview: Organize SAP Business Workflow using the Workflow Builder.

Automate processes and work more efficiently with SAP Business Workflows

The aim of mapping a process with a workflow is to create a high degree of automation. The steps that cannot be automated are at least coordinated in such a way that the right work is available to the right employee as quickly as possible. The entire flow of information takes place electronically and a large number of decisions can be made automatically as soon as the correct decision criteria have been defined and implemented. However, if a decision cannot be made automatically, the selection options may at least be narrowed down.

Another side effect is the reduced susceptibility to errors, since the process runs in an orderly manner and inputs such as B. can be monitored for validity or deadline. In general, it can be determined that the work by the employee can be made more efficient with the help of SAP Business Workflows if handled correctly.

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