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Lufthansa is negotiating smaller long-haul jets

Lufthansa is currently in talks with Airbus, Boeing and Embraer about its future fleet. That's what CEO Carsten Spohr said in an interview with the German Society of the London School of Economics and Political Science. Since the manufacturers are not interested in cancellations, one encounters a "great openness".

Spohr spoke in particular about the long-haul fleet and the replacement for models such as the Airbus A380 and Boeing 747. "We are fleeing many four-engine aircraft, which leads to a certain need for smaller long-haul aircraft," said the Lufthansa boss. You are negotiating with both Airbus and Boeing about smaller and more efficient jets. When asked whether it was about converting orders or even about new orders, Spohr said that depends entirely on the conditions.

Conversions likely as new orders

It is not entirely out of the question that Lufthansa will order additional long-haul flights, but in view of the current situation it appears unlikely even with attractive financial conditions. Conversions of orders could be useful.

At Airbus, Lufthansa still has orders for 26 more Airbus A350-900s. The group has not yet ordered any of the smaller A330 Neo. If you think one size smaller, Lufthansa could even convert some A350 orders into orders for A321 XLR. This could be particularly suitable for routes between Western Europe and North America, for which Spohr was pessimistic in the long term in Business and First Class.

Change from some 777-9 to 787-9?

Lufthansa expects 20 Boeing 787-9s and 20 Boeing 777-9s from Boeing. The heavily delayed 777X is now expected to arrive in 2023 at the earliest. As early as 2019, the airline had downgraded 14 more 777-9 orders to options. A change from some 777-9 to the smaller 787 Dreamliner would be quite conceivable.

See the whole conversation with Carsten Spohr in the video: