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Flashlight test: 14 mobile lights in comparison

These flashlights bring powerful light into the dark

02/11/2021, 12:25 PM | by Giesbert Damaschke (editor), Franziska Irrgeher (test)

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Everyday life can hardly be imagined without a flashlight as a reliable light source - whether in the attic or in the basement, as a reading lamp or in the event of a car breakdown at night. However, the range on offer is almost unmanageable - which model should you choose? The editors of AllesBeste answered this question in a large comparison test and presented 14 flashlights between 10 and 120 euros.

This is what you read in this article: This post will tell you about the best flashlights out there. We rely on the AllesBeste product test from October 2019. We checked the data again in May and brought it up to date. We present the recommended models in detail: The test winner Rehkitz Pro S1600 for just under 20 euros and the tactical flashlight Mag-Lite ML150LR for professionals for a good 100 euros. For those on a tight budget, we have also selected the Hiilight LED flashlight 2500, which can be had for just under 10 euros. We explain the criteria according to which AlleBeste conducted the tests and which model is best suited for which purpose. In the purchase advice at the end, you will find out what properties a good flashlight must have, what terms such as EDC or IPX5 are all about, what a tactical flashlight is - and what you should definitely not do with a flashlight.

Flashlight test: the best models for every budget (AllesBeste, 10/2019)

Test winnerPrice tipPro tip

Rehkittz Pro S1600

Hiilight LED torch 2500

Mag-Lite ML150LR



around 15 euros

around 10 euros

around 125 euros



High / Low / SOS

Extremely bright / medium / weak / strobe / flashing

Full power / low power / strobe / eco / flashing function

Luminosity measured (bundled / wide)

Luminosity measured (bundled / wide)

20,600 / 314 lux

5,200 / 205 lux

37,500 / 7,000 lux

Water resistance

Water resistance


"water repellent"


Power supply

Power supply

3 x AA batteries (not included)

3 x AAA batteries or rechargeable batteries (not included)

Lithium iron phosphate battery (included)

Length / weight

Length / weight

14.5 cm / 320 g

13.5 cm / 188 g

27 cm / 436 g

Most popular shop

Most popular shop

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Test winner Rehkittz Pro S1600

Flashlight test: Rehkittz Pro S1600

  • Rehkittz Pro S1600

    Our test winner is an example that solid all-rounder flashlights are already quite cheap.

Good headlight range
Easy handling
Focused light beam very clear
no batteries included
The Rehkittz Pro S1600 flashlight convinces in almost all points and is the clear test winner. Weighing in at a good 300 grams, it looks a bit heavy at first sight for its compact shape, but is extremely secure in the hand, is easy to use and has an enormous luminosity. It is the perfect all-rounder that provides enlightenment for outdoor use as well as in the household.
  • Processing: The approximately 18 cm tall Rehkittz Pro S1600 is an extremely robust, solid and stably processed flashlight, which does not mind if it is accidentally run over or falls. The manufacturer states that it can withstand a weight of around 500 kg. The Rehkittz Pro S1600 can also be used in the rain, as it is waterproof according to protection class IPX-6. You cannot dive with it, but the lamp is protected against the ingress of water in the event of brief flooding. It comes as no surprise that it is also protected from rust.

  • Equipment: The manufacturer is stingy when it comes to accessories, which is not really surprising given the price of just under 20 euros. A wrist strap is included, but nothing more. The lamp requires three commercially available standard AA batteries (alternatively an 18650 battery), which are not included in the scope of delivery. Since the Rehkittz Pro S1600 doesn't tear a big hole in your wallet, the provider's economy is hardly significant at this point.

  • Practical test: The light range of the Rehkittz Pro S1600 should reach up to 1000 meters - and the test was able to confirm that. Buildings that were far away could still be seen, even if, of course, not too much light reached the destination given the great distance. The immediate area can be easily and very well illuminated with the flashlight, the light beam is very clear. The only drawback: if the light beam is strongly bundled, the square LED chip emerges as a pattern; if the light beam is wide, light dark circles appear on the outer edge. However, both peculiarities are not noticeable in practice.
Conclusion: Handy, easy to use, enormous luminosity, powerful light - and all of this at an amazingly low price. The Rehkittz Pro S1600 is a real all-rounder that is ideally equipped for practically any application. The missing batteries can be got over in view of the low price.

Price tip: Hiilight LED torch 2500

Flashlight test: Hiilight LED 2500

  • Hiilight LED 2500

    Among the very affordable flashlights, the Hiilight stands out due to its low weight and compact housing.

Uniform light
Infinitely adjustable
Easy to use
Batteries / rechargeable battery are missing
Luminosity not optimal
There are also recommended flashlights for the small budget - for example the Hiilight LED flashlight 2500, which costs around 10 euros. With a length of just under 14 cm, it fits in your jacket pocket and is quickly pulled out and ready for use. With its even, bright cone of light and a weight of around 180 grams, it is a real always-with-you flashlight for normal use at home and on the go.
  • Processing: Handy, compact, solid - there is nothing to complain about the workmanship of the Hiilight LED torch 2500. It lies comfortably in the hand and does its job reliably. Thanks to the supplied strap, the Hiilight LED torch 2500 can also be worn on the wrist and will not be lost if it accidentally slips out of your hand. The aluminum housing is water-repellent, light drizzle doesn’t bother it, but you shouldn’t expect it to be more humid.

  • Equipment: With the extremely low price of the Hiilight, you shouldn't expect lavish accessories - the provider doesn't include more than the wrist strap. The lamp is powered by three AA batteries or a lithium-ion battery (either type 26650 or 18650), which are not included in the delivery. According to the manufacturer, the batteries should last two to three hours. This of course does not allow continuous light - but that's what the Hiilight LED is for.

  • Practical test: Despite its compact design, the candidate convinces in the test with good luminosity and an acceptable luminous distance. It delivers an even, bright light, the light cone can be adjusted continuously and very easily by turning the lamp head. Since the surface is somewhat roughened, it can also be used with gloves, for example when doing repairs at home or in the garden.
Conclusion: Small, light, bright, even beam of light, simple operation - and an affordable price. What more could you ask of a flashlight for everyday use? The Hiilight LED torch 2500 is the ideal torch for the household or an evening walk with the dog. Anyone looking for a simple but good flashlight for everyday use, for example in the event of a power failure or when illuminating hard-to-reach places in the household, will not be disappointed by the Hiilight LED Flashlight 2500.

Professional tip: Mag-Lite ML150LR

Flashlight test: Mag-Lite ML150LR

  • Professional tip Mag-Lite ML150LR

    Despite the rather high price, the professional tip is worth the money - it is an extremely solid, handy model with strong luminosity.

Firm grip even when wearing gloves
Extensive accessories
Lithium iron phosphate battery
Cones of light cannot be adjusted far
At a price of a good 120 euros, the Mag-Lite ML150LR tactical flashlight is not exactly a bargain - but it also has a lot to offer for this price. With its accessories, its impeccable light output and, last but not least, its robust, stable workmanship, the Mag-Lite ML150LR is recommended for professional use.
  • Processing: The Mag-Lite ML150LR is almost 30 cm long and weighs around 440 grams - if you hold this flashlight in your hand, you know that you are dealing with a professional tool. It has a slightly roughened surface, which makes it extremely secure, even with gloves on, the Mag-Lite ML150LR won't slip through your fingers. The clean workmanship promises a long, trouble-free service life.

  • Equipment: The Mag-Lite ML150LR is powered by a lithium iron phosphate battery, which is included in the scope of delivery. According to the manufacturer, the battery should withstand 2,000 charging cycles. You won't have any charging problems with it, as it comes with a charging station and transformer that you can either connect to a socket or to the car battery when you are out and about. The required cables are also included in the scope of delivery.

  • Practical test: With a luminosity of up to 1,000 lumens, the Mag-Lite ML150LR provides you with glistening light that turns night into day - and that at a distance of up to around 450 meters. The flashlight masters five different light modes, whereby it knows how to convince in all levels with an even, well-lit light cone. Light dark fields at the edge and in the middle are hardly noticeable in a disturbing way. The change between point and flood light is achieved by turning the head a quarter, which makes precise adjustment a little more difficult. A clear drawback, however, is the change between the function levels, namely the battery compartment has to be opened.
Conclusion: Stable, robust, versatile, extremely bright and with a wide range of accessories: the Mag-Lite ML150LR scores in almost all categories. Only the somewhat awkward adjustment of the light cone and the change between the operating modes cloud the otherwise very good impression a little.

More flashlights in the test

In the flashlight test by AlleBeste, 11 other devices competed, which differ in terms of application area and price and often scored points in individual categories.
  • The Nitecore MH12GT is convincing in terms of compactness, luminosity and robustness - the flashlight is even waterproof according to IPX-8 and can therefore also be used underwater for some time - but the light cone is not adjustable and the provider calls for a more sporty one for around 80 euros Price on.

  • The Anker LC90 LED flashlight can also score a few points on the plus side: As a mid-range flashlight, it offers good, solid light and lies comfortably in the hand. However, the light cone could be a bit more even and at 30 euros it is a bit expensive.

  • The Varta Night Cutter F30R, which also costs around 30 euros, has, in addition to good light, easily adjustable light cone, simple operation and excellent focus, a special feature: It offers a USB connection and, if necessary, can also be used as a power bank for weak smartphones. Unfortunately, the battery is permanently installed and cannot be exchanged. In addition, it is a bit slippery when operated with gloves.

  • The two flashlights Mag-Lite Mini Pro LED 272 Lumen and Mag-Lite Mini Pro + LED 281 Lumen are priced at around 30 Ero and score points with their low weight. But you have to be content with a flashlight, which does a good job at close range, but becomes blurred as soon as you want to look at objects a little further away. The measurably different luminosity is not noticeable in practice.

  • At around 40 euros, the Ledlenser P7 flashlight is not exactly a bargain, but it impresses with its good performance, even if minor defects tarnish the impression a bit. It offers a very precise and clear focus, but its beam of light does not extend too far. It is waterproof to IPX4, i.e. protected from splash water, and comes with batteries, a carrying strap and a stylish belt pouch in the house.

  • The Linkax super bright LED flashlight is light, compact and has a continuously adjustable light cone. It comes into the house with batteries and can also be operated with a rechargeable battery. At just under 8 euros, it is the cheapest lamp in the test, but weakens when it comes to the light cone, which becomes square when you reduce it, and loses its precision when it comes to width.

  • At just under 10 euros, the Winzwon LED flashlight is one of the cheaper lamps in the test. It forms a good, even cone of light in the vicinity, but weakens in the distance. It also makes clear noises when the light cone changes, which raises doubts about the quality of workmanship and longevity of the flashlight.

  • If you need a waterproof flashlight but don't want to spend large sums of money, the Wuben L50 is an interesting offer. The flashlight, which costs around 30 euros, is waterproof to IPX8 (so it can also be used underwater for a longer period of time). Their light is sufficient for the immediate vicinity, areas further away cannot be reliably illuminated with it. Unfortunately, the light cone cannot be adjusted.

  • The Nitecore MH 10, which costs around 60 euros, was also unable to convince in the test. In doing so, it has some pluses to book. It is waterproof to IPX8 (protection against permanent submersion), small, handy and does a good job at close range. For this, the power button is not attached to the rear, as is usually the case, but to the front, which sometimes makes the operation a bit clumsy. On top of that, the flashlight occasionally switches itself on if it hits something - for example during transport in the trunk or in the glove compartment. As with the Wuben L50, the light cone cannot be adjusted with the Nitecore MH 10.

Flashlights: This is how everything tests best

For the compilation of the test field, the examiners from AllesBeste