Peppermint oil causes hair to grow back

Stopping Hair Loss: The Best Tips for More Fullness

by Stephanie Ernst
Would you like to stop hair loss and quickly enjoy thick and full hair again? GALA reveals which care tips can now help.

Mediterranean diet

Our hair consists of proteins, minerals and trace elements. This nutrient pattern is also used by ours nutrition embossed. If important building blocks are missing, growth does not take place or is slowed down considerably. So if you want to stop hair loss, you should keep an eye on your diet.

In the case of hair loss, the Mediterranean diet proven. Researchers confirmed this with the help of a study from 2018.

With a Mediterranean diet, there are plenty of fresh vegetables, lean meat and high-quality vegetable oil (especially olive oil) on the table. It is not only supposed to prevent hair loss, but also to prevent it Cardiovascular diseases and diabetes protect.

By the way: olive oil is a real insider tip for shiny tips. Here we show how to properly use olive oil on hair.

Loose hairstyles

Too much Tension on the hair root can promote hair loss. Especially when the hair is more sensitive. Then the hair lacks the strength to withstand external stress.

Strict buns or ponytails are less recommended for weaker hair as they make you feel great pressure exercise on the hair fiber. This can encourage hair loss.

Opt for loose hairstyles that take the strain off the hair. For example, deep braided hairstyles that gently keep the hair in check look beautiful. Here's how to braid a peasant's braid.

Annemarie Carpendale That's why she did everything right with this look

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Stop hair loss with coconut oil

Coconut oil is considered real Beauty miracle and is said to help with brittle hair, dry skin and dull tips. And the scalp also benefits from a little coconut oil treatment.

A study shows that coconut oil has a strengthening effect on the hair fiber Has. And the stronger the hair grows back, the less likely it is to lose hair. The sweet smelling oil helps the hair to To bind proteins. As a result, it grows back stronger and does not fall out so quickly.

Here you will find more tips and tricks for using coconut oil.

Essential oils

Whether rosemary oil, ylang-ylang oil or peppermint oil: Essential oils have a calming effect on our mind. But they can do a lot more. Scientists have shown that essential oils have a positive effect on our hair growth to have. They work on two levels:

  1. The natural oils increase blood circulation the scalp. This makes the hair root more receptive to nutrients and the hair grows back healthier and stronger.
  2. Essential oils stimulate cell renewal. This will encourage new hair growth.

Because essential oils very focused they should never be applied to the scalp undiluted. Otherwise there will be irritation and irritation. Mix a few drops with yours Favorite shampoo. Alternatively, you can treat yourself to a small scalp treatment: mix something up Coconut oil with essential oil and leave it on for 20 minutes. Then wash out with shampoo.

Stop hair loss with caffeine

Our hair grows in different cycles. There is a Growth phase, oneResting phase and aFailure phase. If you discover increased hair loss, too much hair has been in the loss phase for too long. That can hereditary to be conditional or to one Imbalance in the body lie.

In order to prevent hair loss, the Failure phase shortened or delayed become. And here comes caffeine in the game. Caffeine extends the hair's growth phase, which prevents it from falling out. Plus point: With a caffeine serum or a caffeine shampoo, which is massaged into the scalp every day, the hair grows faster!

Gentle hair colors

You don't want to do without coloring your hair? Fortunately, there are now many gentle hair colors. Take a gentle one ammonia-free paint or choose one Plant coloration.

This not only soothes the scalp, but also puts less strain on the length of the hair. In this way, both hair loss and hair breakage can be minimized.

Stop hair loss through yoga

How can yoga help against hair loss? Very simple: one of the main reasons for hair loss is it stress. In a stressful time, the need for nutrients is increased. Your body then forwards vitamins, proteins and the like to the vital organs - savings are made on the hair. This is how it comes to Hair growth delays or hair loss.

If you are currently in a stressful phase, a few yoga units a week will help to calm down. Your hair will benefit and it will make you feel calmer. Win win!

Vitamin A

So-called help with hair loss Retinoids. These are descendants of Vitamin Awhich, according to a survey, stimulate hair growth by lengthening the natural growth phase. For this purpose, creams or serums with retinoids should be applied externally to the scalp.

Bonus: Retinoids are also said to be the Regulate sebum production. This makes oily hair a thing of the past.

The right shampoo

Does your shampoo promote hair loss? Sulphate-rich shampoos are suspected of damaging the hair roots. Sulphates are aggressive cleaning substances that have a strong irritating effect on skin and hair.

According to the National Toxic Encephalopathy Foundation, sulfates are actually supposed to affect hair growth and negatively affect hair fullness.

So it is better to use a sulfate-free shampoo that gently but effectively removes residues and oils from your hair.

Laser therapy

In the case of more severe hair loss, laser therapies can also help red laser light radiated onto the scalp. This is called this specific method "Low Level Laser Therapy", LLLT for short. Don't worry - it won't hurt. The red light only creates a slight warming effect that is very pleasant to the touch.

German scientists were able to demonstrate the connection between laser light and hair growth in 2018: The Hair count could be increased significantly by the laser therapy. This means that laser therapies are also suitable for women who are under bald spots on the head Suffer.

Laser therapy is effective, but not necessarily cheap. Depending on the studio, about 150 euros can be charged for a treatment.

Scalp massages

Lay back, close your eyes and enjoy a soothing Scalp massage switch off. Pure relaxation! But scalp massages are not only effective stress killers. They have been shown to counteract hair loss - this was proven by researchers with the help of a study from 2016.

The pressure on the scalp increases blood flow to the hair follicles, which stimulates them to grow.

You can also easily do a scalp massage yourself Perform at home. According to the researchers, it takes daily four minutesin order to be able to determine a difference in the volume of hair.

Insider tip ginseng

In China, ginseng has been used for centuries traditional remedy used to help with a variety of ailments. This also includes hair loss!

There are so-called in ginseng Ginsenosideswhich stimulate the cell metabolism. This has a positive effect on hair growth: the hair grows back faster and more densely, which has even been scientifically proven. With natural ginseng extracts from the Root of the plant you can prevent hair loss and enjoy a stronger mane.

By the way: You already have some anti-home remedy solutions in your kitchen cupboard. Here you can find out which home remedies can help against hair loss.

Stop hair loss with "Minoxidil"

There are many on the beauty market Tinctures for the scalpthat are supposed to stop hair loss. Products based on the active ingredient have proven to be particularly effective Minoxidil are based. This compound increases the average number of hairs, which makes the hair look thicker.

Minoxidil has been well researched and is one of the classics among hair restorers. However, some women notice itching or irritation of the scalp as a result. Sensitive skin types should therefore be careful with the supposed miracle cure.