What is Devin Nunes hiding

Devin Nunes: Donald Trump's henchman and hero of the right

Devin Nunes has that quality that Donald Trump particularly values ​​and that the US President otherwise so sorely misses in his government members and officials: loyalty. Nunes, the Conservative Congressman, is the author of the controversial memorandum that caught Washington in suspense last week.

Basically, it was Nunes, who heads the secret service committee in the House of Representatives, that he wanted to reveal that the FBI and the Ministry of Justice should have illegally requested wiretapping in the Russia affair. Nunes had vehemently pushed the publication of the top secret information gathered by his co-workers. The White House finally gave the go-ahead on Friday.

The evidential value of the document is questionable, especially since it comes from the pen of a clearly tendentious author, a Trump supporter from the very beginning. Nunes is convinced that a coup is taking place against the president: Bureaucrats who are hostile to him are constructing allegations of illegal collusion with Russia against his campaign team in order to delegitimize the man in the White House. Which is why Nunes is now rising up as Trump's most loyal defender in order to discredit the Russia investigation.

Climate change: nonsense

The 44-year-old descendant of a Portuguese family who immigrated to California from the Azores and founded a dairy farm there, has jumped aside Trump several times. The Republican, who has a master's degree in agriculture and moved to the US House of Representatives at the age of 29, was part of Trump's transition team.

He also has a lot in common with the president in terms of content: The father of three daughters, who is married to a teacher, considers climate change to be "nonsense". He spoke out in favor of the entry ban for people from predominantly Muslim countries, which was much criticized even in Republican circles, and broke into an investigation after, as head of the secret service committee, he was said to have made agreements with people in the White House whom he was supposed to investigate. The allegations were recently dropped.

In the past, Nunes had always criticized the fundamental opposition of the most right-wing Republicans. Today he is her hero. (Anna Giulia Fink, 5.2.2018)