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"Together before God": Singing songs in German and Farsi

Source: SCM Hänssler

For years people from countries like Iran or Syria have been on the run and are finding a new home with us. These people bring their own songs with them, which also find their way into our church services and congregations. The intercultural songbook “Together before God” published by Werner Finis takes up Christian songs from the Persian-speaking area and also contains pieces we know well with a corresponding singable translation in Farsi. It is therefore ideally suited for intercultural work in communities and is a bridge for working with refugees. It contains notes with transliteration, the singable German text and the original Farsi script with chord numbering. You can also find all of the songs on YouTube for learning.

"Together before God" is a project for the German-speaking area for intercultural encounter and understanding, for community and reconciliation. Music as a language without words, a world language that everyone understands, lends itself to creating a positive atmosphere for the encounter between different cultures.
Songs are the common expression of feelings or thoughts. Singing songs from a foreign country means high esteem.

Music connects different people and peoples. Through them we overcome linguistic and human boundaries. Music is a godsend for us. It makes us happy, it gives us a home, it attracts us, it appeals to us holistically. Music offers a space without compulsion. The invitation to sing together with people from other cultures opens up the possibility of experiencing a relaxed and happy community. We wish that when making music these songs create an atmosphere in which everyone can feel at home.

The Bible describes that one day we will stand and worship God with all nations, tribes, peoples and languages, a perfect community. Singing the songs in this book together will give us a little taste of the heavenly atmosphere.

The songbook consists of two parts: In the first part you will find international songs with translation into Farsi, in the second part you will find songs by Persian composers with translation into German. It was published by SCM Hänssler Musik.