What is Germany good at?

"Living well in Germany - what is important to us"

What is important to you personally in life? In your opinion, what defines the quality of life in Germany?

The Federal Government would like to talk to the citizens about these questions. The broad-based citizens' dialogue offers everyone an opportunity to be heard and to contribute their ideas. The Federal Government wants to identify standards for quality of life in all their facets in order to be even more specific in the future on what is important to people in Germany. The government strategy ties in with the German Bundestag's study commission on issues of prosperity. In addition, scientific considerations are taken up.

"Whether good work, health or family, friends and solidarity: We are looking for the debate about what really counts. We want to make politics for that," said Federal Minister Sigmar Gabriel at the beginning. Together with Chancellor Angela Merkel, the minister gave the go-ahead for the citizens' dialogue in Berlin.

More than 180 dialogue events will take place between May and September. All members of the government will also hold several citizens' dialogues. There is also a website with an accompanying online dialogue. All citizens have the opportunity to share what really counts for you in life and what is important for the quality of life in Germany. Take part too!

The results of the citizens' dialogues are evaluated with the support of independent scientists. The knowledge gained is translated into measurable indicators for quality of life. A regular report will then provide information on the status and development of quality of life in Germany. With an action plan, the federal government will also take concrete measures to further improve the quality of life.