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The ABC of towels: How to recognize high-quality hotel-quality terry towels

Counselor29. January 2018Textiles

Buying towels for the hotel industry is a major challenge. After all, only in the rarest of cases does the label reveal whether a product is a long-lasting toweling product or a mayflies. Towels that shrink after the first wash or that show completely faded colors after just a few weeks represent a bad investment. To save you this, we will show you today how to recognize good towels for your hotel.


Absorbent and robust: towels must meet these requirements

In hotels, terry towels are exposed to enormous stress. Therefore, they should meet the following criteria:

  • Suction power: A high suction strength ensures the highest level of comfort for your guests. It is particularly important if the towels are also to be used for sauna or swimming pool visits. The suction strength usually increases with the grammage of the towel (grammage = grams per square meter, g / m²).
  • Color fastness: In the hotel area, towels are washed daily, sometimes even several times a day. It is essential that the colors last a long time, even after months of use. The color fastness is all the more important if the towels regularly come into contact with chlorine or salty sea water or are in the sun, because this could additionally fade the colors.
  • Ease of care: Hygiene is of the utmost importance in the hotel. Therefore, towels should always be easy to care for. In particular, washability at 60 ° C and suitability for the tumble dryer are important for always hygienically clean terry towels.
  • Designs / colors: There should be a wide range of colors and / or designs available so that they can be ideally adapted to your company (e.g. the colors used in the bathrooms).
  • Fluffiness: High quality towels are fluffy and cuddly and give the guest a feeling of luxury.
  • Dimensional stability: Inferior quality terry towels shrink and / or warp when washed at high temperatures. It is particularly annoying when the selvedge contracts more than the rest of the towel, causing it to pucker at the ends.
Already knew? Towels do not acquire their full absorbency until they have been washed at least once, better twice.

The right material: from microfiber to terry

When choosing towels, also pay attention to the material used. Walk terry makes most sense for use in hotels. With this variant of the terrycloth, the individual loops are compressed in such a way that a cozy and extremely absorbent pile is created. Terrycloth products are extremely resistant, dimensionally stable and durable.

For towels that are used for bathing, mixed fabrics made of cotton and synthetic fibers are useful because they dry quickly and absorb a lot of moisture. However, they are not as soft as terry towels. Microfiber products are also very absorbent and dry quickly, but because of the different skin feel they are less suitable for towels in the guest area.

How to recognize good terry towels

The problem with choosing towels is that the label doesn't state whether it meets the stated criteria. Still, there are some indications that you are holding a suitable quality. Pay attention to these aspects:

  • Fibers: If you stand upright, this is a good sign. Laying fibers show poor quality and poor absorbency.
  • feeling: Feel the surface of the towel. You can recognize a good material by its soft, velvety feel and heavy weight. If the surface scratches or does not feel soft, you can assume that the towel is not suitable for your hotel.
  • Washing instructions: Take a look at the washing instructions. If only a maximum washing temperature of 40 ° C is allowed, the material quality or color stability can be assumed to be poor. Only buy terry towels that you can wash at 60 ° C.
  • transparency: Hold the towel up to the light. Nothing shows through with good towels.
  • Weight: The weight stated on the label is also a quality feature. Towels under 400 g / m² are not suitable for the hotel industry. The most common grammages are between 450 and 500 g / m²; in luxury hotels, qualities of up to 600 g / m² are also used.

If you are unsure whether the selected product meets your requirements, do the test as a precaution. First buy just one item and put it through its paces, for example by washing it daily, and look at the result after a few weeks. In this way you can avoid expensive bad investments.

We wish you every success in choosing the perfect terry toweling for your company!