How can you make fancy ice cream clear?

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Great - finally more space in the freezer ... For cocktail evenings or a visit to the hot tub - turn on the machine shortly beforehand and after 15 minutes the first icicles (you can't call them cubes) tumble out, because you know in advance when if you need a lot of ice, this is no problem with the machine.

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From Melanie DE

I live in a single household and since I unfortunately did not have a refrigerator with enough storage space for more than one ice tray, I bought this ice cream machine after a long thought. After about two days it was already there and I quickly connected it to the power . After about half an hour I already have it

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From Noah

The machine is super compact and works flawlessly - great for every smaller garden party. The first ice cubes are a bit small, but after a short time the next ones come, which then fit in a large shape and are "spat out". The cooling of the ice cubes also works perfectly and production stops

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