Why do space missiles explode

Space rocket explodes shortly after launch to the International Space Station

In Virginia, NASA has one of several space stations from which rockets can launch into space. The missile was supposed to be a few hours ago Antares actually fly new goods and technology to the international space station, but it happened shortly after take-off. The missile went up in flames, fell to the ground and made a huge detonation explodes. NASA released the footage of the spectacular explosion a few minutes ago. Fortunately, this was not a manned space mission, as disasters of this kind are very reminiscent of the events surrounding it Challenger disaster in 1986 where a small mistake 73 seconds after launch caused the manned rocket to detonate, killing all astronauts. Whoever received the NASA material from Virginia from Wallops Flight Center want to examine, you will find the images of the spectacular explosion of the space rocket here in our blog Antares shortly after take-off to the International Space Station ISS.

Antares space rocket explosion

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Source: IFL Science