How is Trump's relationship with Ivanka

Some women have a particularly close relationship with their father. That's why they're good at old, white men too. Ivanka Trump, for example.

Next week Donald Trump will visit the World Economic Forum in Davos, accompanied by his daughter Ivanka. The 38-year-old has traveled to the heads of state with her father since he appointed her his advisor and moved into an office in the White House.

You can think what you want of the two of them. The mutual respect, however, is palpable, at least that's how it is offered in the media. Ivanka stands by her dad, recognizes his authority. He must have always encouraged her that she can achieve just as much as a man, that the world of men is open to her without fighting her being a woman. Ivanka Trump is a father's daughter. These are women who have a particularly close relationship with their father.

"She steals the show from everyone," said American President Ivanka at a meeting with US troops in South Korea. That was last summer after the daughter had already mixed with the heads of government at the G20 summit in Osaka. When Trump called her and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo onto the stage, he said to the soldiers: "Beauty and the Beast." It is obvious: Donald Trump has five children, but Ivanka, the second, is his favorite. She is a «First Daughter». He likes to show himself with her. He presents himself as a loving, proud father.

The first man in a daughter's life

And you? Ivanka Trump doesn't seem to mind such crushes. Otherwise she would have turned away from him a long time ago. You can understand her: he publicly praises her beauty, how clever she is. As is well known, the 73-year-old would also date his daughter if he wasn't her father.

Even with him it is strange to say something like that out loud. Trump used to talk about "Daddy's little girl". He later updated Ivanka as a potential lover. What's true: Fathers - and mothers of sons - also sometimes have fantasies. But they must remain fantasies. That's all. Conversely, a daughter wants her father to have sole love. The father is the first man a girl wants to win over. Freud recognized this early on.

A father's daughter knows how to please her father. She also uses this knowledge in later relationships with men. She remains a favorite child all her life. And she may also be looking for father figures in other men. While the "old white man" has become a dirty word, the father's daughter values ​​older men precisely because of their advice, which is based on experience; a protection and a security that her father always guaranteed her.

Often father daughters spend a lot of time with their father even as adults. They later join the company, take over the farm or follow their father into politics. Ivanka is considered to be Donald Trump's closest confidante.

Power stays in the family

As a father's daughter, she has an influence on whoever promoted her. She has publicly described Trump's disparaging remarks about women as "inappropriate and offensive". She contradicts him once, the relationship can withstand that. But she never questions him. Her father apologized for his sexist remarks, so she softened her criticism.

With his limitless affection for his daughter, Trump again crosses borders as a politician. It is also called nepotism. He would have liked to make Ivanka the UN ambassador, and as always he justified it in his own way: In this role she would be «dynamite», a force. Since she is so close to power, one also speaks of an unofficial diplomat. Especially since Trump unrestrainedly takes her to the international political stage, where she then joins Xi Jinping, Shinzo Abe and Justin Trudeau. This triggers alienation among many - and ridicule.

The advantage of the father-daughters is that they can go very far without having to do anything on their own. It is also their disadvantage.

The NZZ editor Birgit Schmid writes in her column “In every relationship” about our relationship to one another and to the world.