Why do some words sound so disgusting

SURVEY: What words are you disgusted with?

There is a disgust for words. And now that's not an extravagant private idea of ​​mine! Roland Barthes, for example, wrote about it. And certainly other thoughtful people too.

A schoolmate at the time had a tremendous aversion to the phrase "inexpensive meal". I will never forget that. And even if I don't find this word so bad myself, I can understand very well what she repelled about him. Disgusting words and words are often found, oh wonder, in advertising, in (tabloid) journalism and in politics. There is something insincere, talkative, inflationary, absurd, sticky, often euphemistic about them. Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre hates the often heard, cute and cheeky tasteless taste "The pounds are falling off". And who will blame him?

But: The word disgust does not generally refer to words that also denote something disgusting. Although the words "spider abdomen salad", "barnacle sperm" and "surrogate mummy anal sex" (all by Max Goldt) refer to very disgusting things, there is nothing stereotyped about these words as such, as is the case with the genuine disgusting words in my opinion Case is.

Here is a (very incomplete) list of my personal hate words and phrases that come to mind right now.

- Power woman / woman power
- let your mind wander
- The most beautiful state in the world
- proactive
- feast
- Food porn
– …

What are you disgusting with?

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