Should I wear sunscreen inside

8 sunscreen mistakes we all make

On vacation we only have one goal: maximum tan, because after all, everyone should see that we have been in the sun. Since summer is still a bit long in our latitudes, we want to use the time at the sea and do hours of sessions in the heat in order to cut an even better figure in miniskirts and Co., because our wardrobe looks even more beautiful on tanned skin out. So that you can enjoy the rays the next time you sunbathe and still get some color, we have uncovered the eight biggest sunscreen mistakes we all make ...

1. We don't apply enough

Shots, shots, shots! No, we don't want you to get drunk on the beach. The small jars are exactly the amount that we need to put on sunscreen. Because that you tan faster if you apply less of the product is a misconception. The cream doesn't ensure that we still look like a white wall after our vacation, but protects our skin from burns and ensures a healthy but even tan. So we give our body the drink it needs.

2. A lot helps a lot

Applying lotion just once for a several-hour tan session is unfortunately not enough. Because we sweat significantly more in the sun, the protection does not last forever. After about two hours or a swim in the waves, we should apply another layerso that our skin is protected from the sun's rays. And watch out, girls: "water repellent" doesn't mean the same as "waterproof".

3. We do not rub sprays

Sprays are much easier to apply and usually less odorous. The disadvantage of the spray bottles is that you often don't apply enough and forget many spots. To make sure our skin is well protected, you should keep the top of the bottle pressed for about 5 seconds, because this will definitely get enough sunscreen on your body. And yes, sprays must also be rubbed in well after application.

4. We don't use sunscreen at all

Although our parents almost drowned us in sunscreen on our summer vacation for years and kept preaching to us about the importance of protecting our skin, we still learned nothing from it. At the latest during the first vacation alone, the sun protection is packed (to calm the mom) but not even touched. Even if we think that the sun cannot harm us because we are darker skin types or we are pre-tanned, we should protect ourselves. The first few days in the sun are best enjoyed with a sun protection factor of 30 or higher.

5. We think indoors we don't need sun protection

Keyword: windows. Anyone who thinks that you can't get sunburn in closed rooms is wrong, because the glass not only lets light through, but also UV rays. So it doesn't matter whether we're lying on the beach or have a window seat in the office - we have to protect ourselves. Even if we have long car journeys ahead of us in summer, it is best to pack some sunscreen in the glove compartment, so we always play it safe.

6. We don't wear it under our clothes

A normal white T-shirt only has a sun protection factor of 3. So it goes without saying that our clothes do not protect us from the harmful rays and we do having to put lotion on every inch of our body, even if we put on our summer dress afterwards.

7. We forget important parts

This is a very big mistake that we all make. Most of the time we forget the areas that are probably the most sensitive: the scalp, ears, eyelids, lips, and the surfaces of the feet. The skin there is particularly thin and reacts extremely quickly to too much sun. Now there is even Quick-drying sprays so that we don't have to smear the greasy cream on our hair, and there are also care sticks with a sun protection factor for the lips - So the time for excuses is over, girls!

8. We are buying the wrong sun protection factor

The SPF describes the amount of UVB rays that are responsible for skin burns that we have to protect ourselves from. However, the information has nothing to do with the UVB rays that cause our skin to age, which means that we should actually stay away from direct sunlight as best we can. A sun cream with a sun protection factor of 30 blocks approx. 95% of the dangerous rays. Unfortunately, so far there is no texture that protects our skin one hundred percent, which means that only repeated applications will help.

Happy tanning girls! ☀️

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