What are some romantic ideas

30+ romantic ideas for magical moments for two

Another anniversary is just around the corner and you no longer have a clue how to celebrate it?

You want to surprise your sweetheart with something particularly romantic and express your love in the most beautiful way, but you can't think of anything?

Then stay tuned, because here you are in the right place.

Birthday, Valentine's Day, anniversary, Christmas, New Year's Eve ... in the 365 days that exist in a year, there are so many wonderful opportunities to tell our favorite person and show how much they mean to us.

But who says that love can only be expressed for these special occasions?

Proofs of love don't have to be spectacular, they don't always have to be fireworks and roses.

Every day is an opportunity to express your love and in everyday life there are so many little ways to bring romance into the relationship.

From time to time you need to remember how much you mean to each other and bring a touch of that initial romance to the relationship and romantic ideas are just that.

It's best with two people! Spending time together strengthens a relationship, deepens intimacy, arouses feelings, and connects two people in myriad different ways.

In the following you will find romantic ideas for all occasions, all seasons and every budget.

Immerse yourself in the world of romance and be inspired by these wonderful ideas to wake up the butterflies in your stomach again!

Romantic ideas in everyday life: little things that refresh love

It doesn't matter if you just want to have a pleasant romantic evening with your partner or do something crazy and wacky - here you will find a wide range of ideas tailored to suit everyone.

A romantic candlelit dinner or a trip to another city - your choice!

All that matters is that you are together and enjoy each other's company.

Here are some of my suggestions, which you can of course change according to your wishes and needs, depending on the occasion, time of year and how it suits you two better.

Romantic ideas for the home

These home ideas are great when the weather is bad outside or when you just don't want to leave your home. Enjoy the warmth and comfort of your home and the romantic break for two.

1. Simple, classic and incredibly romantic

Imagine this scene: the smell of freshly prepared food spreads in the apartment, the apartment decorated with candles and tea lights, a bottle of delicious wine, romantic music in the background and the two of you.

What better could you ask for?

Candlelight dinner is the unsurpassed classic and doesn't always have to be in a fancy restaurant. It's much more romantic, intimate, and comfortable at home.

2nd game night

Don't get angry, Pictionary, Puzzle, Monopoly, Jenga, Twister ... romance is not always just candlelight and roses. A game night for two can also be very romantic when you are with the right person.

Just make sure your fun night doesn't escalate into an argument if the loser gets angry. 😁

And of course you can always spice it up a bit, like playing strip poker or Truth or Dare. Let your imagination run wild and enjoy it. 😉

3. A good day starts with a delicious breakfast

Okay, maybe you don't always say it that way, but you have to admit that I'm right 😁 ... And how about breakfast in bed?

Surprise your partner with delicious pancakes, waffles and coffee. You can make them heart-shaped or put a heart on top of the coffee foam for an even sweeter meal.

4. Love on the screen

For all movie lovers, a movie night at home is a real opportunity to enjoy and relax. Muted light, popcorn, a warm blanket and cuddling with your partner on the couch are pure romance.

Choose a romance movie or genre that you like best. You can also prepare snacks yourself, e.g. B. homemade nachos for a real cinema experience.

For even more romance, you can of course create a romantic atmosphere with candlelight.

5. Time to read

Would you like to try something other than a movie night? How about an evening of poetry or an evening of reading?

Pick a book that you both love, or let each of you choose their favorite book and take turns reading each other's favorite parts of the books.

If you love poetry, you can read poetry to each other and get lost in the most beautiful words about love.

6. Spa day

What better feeling than relaxing in the bathtub with a glass of wine after a hard day? Or treat yourself to a massage?

So you don't have to go anywhere, just have your own spa day in your apartment.

Try out new massage techniques, get face masks and create a real spa atmosphere. And at the end of the evening, prepare a romantic bubble bath by using bath oils, bath salts, and bubble baths.

Add that little something extra to your bathroom by lighting candles and adding rose petals. Romantic background music also creates a nice atmosphere. What is left for you is to just relax.

7. Love goes through the stomach

As a matter of fact. Who doesn't like a portion of delicious food?

Sometimes we don't feel like preparing something, but doing it together with the partner is an ideal opportunity to spend time with them and learn something new together.

You are welcome to organize themed evenings, for example an evening with Mexican food, then an evening with Chinese food, etc. Find recipes and cook together. Bon Appetit.

8. Once upon a time ...

Time goes by so quickly that sometimes we stop and look back and think about it: "Has that much time really passed?"

You're not even aware of how much you've actually been through together until you remember a few things. So there ... an ideal opportunity to renew old feelings and to remember beautiful moments.

I am sure that somewhere you have memories of your travels together, photos, things that you gave each other, things from your children and the like.

Find them and immerse yourself in a world of memories. If you look at these things together, you will get closer again and have the feeling of reliving everything.

9. Camping

Camping at home? Why not? Do you remember how we as kids pitched our tents all over the room? You can do it too, or you can take a real tent and pretend you're outside.

10. Questions to fall in love with

I'm sure there are some things you don't know about your partner.

Did you know that there are questions about falling in love that, according to psychologists, lead people to fall in love with each other? You should definitely try it out, whether you've been in a relationship for a long time or not.

You can also ask “never have” or “who would rather” questions and deepen your relationship in a playful way.

11. Karaoke evening

Everything is better with music, so let's sing!

A karaoke night is always interesting and especially fun if you can't sing very well.

This date idea is therefore an ideal opportunity to show off your singing skills and have fun together.

12. Painting in a different way

"Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls, Jack." If you know what I mean. 😉 Take your drawing pad and pencils and draw each other. Without clothes, of course.

Don't worry, if you're not exactly an artist, you'll at least have a good helping of laughs.

13. Write sweet messages

An everyday romantic surprise that you can prepare your sweetheart from time to time is to write him a message of love.

Send them to him during the day via WhatsApp to let him know that you are thinking of him, or write them on post-IT notes and stick them on his mirror, coffee mug or the like.

Small gesture, big meaning.

Romantic ideas for outdoors

And when the weather is nice outside, it's a shame to spend time at home alongside so many romantic activities to do together. These are just a few date ideas to inspire you:

1. Have a picnic

On a beautiful spring or summer day, we have the feeling that everything around us and within us is waking up. It is wonderful to be in nature, to enjoy the rays of the sun and the fresh air.

What's more romantic than a picnic on such a wonderful day?

Prepare your own food, bring fruit, croissants, snacks, coffee, juices, wine or another drink and find a place, e.g. in a park, that is ideal to enjoy food, nature and the good company.

2. Camping ... but really this time

If you are both nature lovers, camping is an ideal opportunity to spend quality time together. However, if you don't like the idea of ​​camping somewhere in nature, you can even camp in the garden.

Warm night, moonlight and campfire - how romantic! If you happen to have the opportunity to gain access to the roof of the building, you can camp there too - only without a campfire.

You certainly don't want firefighters on your romantic evening

3. Get in the car and off you go!

A romantic weekend in the mountains, a trip to a nearby town, going to the beach?

It doesn't have to be a luxury trip, a weekend somewhere else is enough to break away from everyday life a little and to remember how much you love each other.

It's also a good idea to go on an impromptu trip or excursion. For example, take a map and use your finger to select a location and travel there. Romantic, spontaneous, exciting!

4. Observe the stars

Lying, talking and cuddling under the starry sky. It couldn't be more romantic. You can go to the park, on the roof of the building, on your balcony or in your garden.

If you don't have the opportunity to see the stars in your city, you can always look on the Internet to find the most beautiful places where the stars can be seen most clearly.

5. A romantic scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt is a very fun way to give your partner a gift or prepare a surprise. First, think about what the profit will be in the end and where to find it.

Then design the clues in the apartment, or if you want to make it a little trickier, the clues can also guide him around town.

For example, the place where you met, where you kissed for the first time, etc.

This fun game shows you how well you know each other and is sure to be a lot of fun.

6. Breakfast at sunrise

Isn't it nice to greet the morning with the sunrise and the most beautiful shades of color it spreads across the sky? And all of that with a loved one? Romantic to the point of no more. 🥰

Yes, it will rob you of a few hours of sleep, but it's definitely worth it.

Prepare your food in advance or buy pastries at a nearby bakery, bring your coffee, and find a wonderful place to best see the sunrise.

7. Fly a kite

Free the kids in you and have fun in this crazy activity. You can combine it with a picnic in the park or a trip to the beach if it's a windy day.

It works best on a beautiful fall day. I am sure you will enjoy it.

8. Open-air movie night

Instead of a home version of a movie theater or a regular movie theater, the idea for a romantic date is certainly a drive-in theater.

You can bring your own snacks and drinks and enjoy the film on the big screen in the open air.

9. Love and plants

Love is like a plant. We have to care for them, water them and protect them to keep them alive. It is the same with love. You always have to freshen it up so that it doesn't wither.

One romantic gesture that can symbolize your love is definitely the planting of trees. Plant a tree together in a place that is important to you and follow its development over the years.

As the tree grows, so will your love. It is good for the environment and years later you will have a symbol of the strength and power of your love and it will be a wonderful memory.

10. Do you want to build a snowman?

I don't mean Disney's Frozen, but that you really build a snowman.

Pleasant winter days are an ideal opportunity to spend time outside with a loved one and the snow magic somehow makes everything more romantic.

Take advantage of the joys of winter, build a snowman, go ice-skating, have a snowball fight. At the end of the day, you can drink hot chocolate and warm up in the warmth of your home while it's cold outside.

11. Spend one night in the hotel

Spending time in a hotel doesn't just have to be traveling. Book a hotel in your city and escape everyday life into a romantic world.

Most hotels these days have a swimming pool, spa and sauna - a hit. I'm sure there are some packages and arrangements for couples too. So why not

12. The beginning of love

If you just remember the first date and the excitement ... you thought you were going to faint. When he first kissed you, you thought your heart was jumping out of your chest.

The beginnings of love and infatuation are the sweetest things. So why wouldn't it be remembered? Suggest that your partner repeat the first date from start to finish.

Where did you go then, what did you do, where did you kiss for the first time, where was your first time? Take a little trip into the past and relive these memories.

It will surely bring a breath of fresh air into the relationship and strengthen your love.

13. Pack your bags

And in order not to just imitate the first date, why not go to the place where you spent your honeymoon? It's always nice to visit and discover new places, but there are always places we'd like to return to.

The honeymoon city or country is certainly one of them. Pack your things and return to the city of your love.

If that's not enough for you, you will also find plenty of ideas and inspiration here: activities for two and a bucket list for couples.

Romantic ideas: gift ideas for your loved one

I'm sure you want to make it all better with the right gift, right? Here are some ideas you can use to put a smile on your partner's face.

1. Something he's wanted for a long time

The best gift idea comes to mind when you listen carefully to what the person you are buying the gift from is saying.

Often times, your partner will be sure to mention something they want, show you something they want to order, and the like. Use it as an opportunity to buy it for him and surprise him with it.

2. Make a photo album

Homemade gifts are always proof that you love the person and have gone to great lengths to give a gift.

So you can make an album with your photos, for example from the beginning of the relationship until today.

Or, if you are familiar with technology, you can pack all of this well into a video presentation. Get to the point with effects and background music.

3. Write him a love letter

A love letter is one of the most beautiful tokens of love and a really personal gift that can move you to tears. Try to write a nice love letter telling your partner how much and why you love them.

In addition, it doesn't have to be a letter. You can give the reasons by making a why-I-love-you box where you write a reason on each piece of paper.

4. Make a DIY basket

Also an idea that is very personal, does not cost a lot and is a very good gift.

If there are some candies, snacks, or drinks that your partner really likes, you can make a DIY basket by putting this in.

You can also decorate all of this with a ribbon and add a love saying.

5. Bake his favorite cake