A group call is possible in the telegram

Create Telegram conference call: start group call?

How can you at Telegram a Create a conference call? Can you get it at Telegram call several people at the same time and in one Call the conference together? With the Telegram app, which is becoming more and more popular, you can not only send simple text messages, pictures and voice messages, but you can also call someone via Telegram and make free calls via the internet connection. As with normal calls, there are also situations with Telegram in which a conference call can be very practical, but is that also possible with Telegram?

Create a conference call at Telegram?

The short answer to the question is, no, at the moment you cannot set up a conference call with Telegram. In the current version, calls are limited to one person, but this could change in the near future.

Group calls to Telegram soon possible?

A few weeks ago Telegram reached a milestone of 400 million monthly users. With the announcement, those of announced group calls to many userst with the one Start a conference call can. So far, no release date has been given for the group calls. It is also not yet clear whether the conference call will be carried out via normal calls or via the video calls, which are also desired by many users. So when it comes to the conference topic on Telegram calls, we have to wait a little longer and drink tea in the hope that the announced feature will be activated in the near future.

As soon as there is more information about the conference calls and group calls in the Telegram app, we will of course add it here.

Tip: This is how you can deactivate calls to Telegram and prevent contacts or strangers from calling via the instant messenger.