What doesn't bother an ESTJ

This personality type starts successful businesses

"If you don’t have your own dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs" - Tony A. Gaskin Jr.

And that someone is likely to have an ENTJ personality.

A what?

The ENTJ personality is one of 16 personality types on the MBTI Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

According to a study by the New Ventures Institute at Flinders University in Australia, people of this type are most likely to have what it takes to be entrepreneurs. Reason: From the 105 founders interviewed in the study, these with the ENTJ personality showed great potential for increasing profits and raising capital for their companies.

You can read details about the study here.

But from which character traits do I put this alleged “entrepreneur personality” together? How does an ENTJ person think? What distinguishes a personality with great potential to become a successful entrepreneur? Were you born to be an entrepreneur too?

How is a personality type composed?

The personality types developed by the Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung are determined by four indicators: motivation, attention, decision and lifestyle.

These indicators are in turn subdivided into two dimensions, from which 8 ‘preferences’ then result: extraversion, introversion, intution, sensory, thinking, feeling, perception, judgment.

The MBTI test determines where a person is on the scale between e.g. extraversion and introversion, or thinking and feeling.

Example: When you are faced with a decision, do you decide from your head or from your gut?

The disadvantage of the test: We humans often react differently, depending on the situation and the physical and mental state in which we are currently. Unfortunately, the MBTI test fails to understand all the factors that make up a personality, but works more on the ‘either-or principle’.

What characterizes the entrepreneurial ENTJ personality?

ENTJ stands for Extraversion, intuition, thinking and judgment / decision.

ENTJ personalities love challenges. Nothing can motivate you like having a really big, almost unattainable goal in front of your eyes. You are the perfect negotiator and can often do the best for themselves or for what they stand up for.

ENTJ personalities are not only aware of their own strengths, but also those of others. This enables them to put together good teams that deliver promising results.

Strengths of the ENTJ personality

  • Efficiency is the be-all and end-all. Suboptimal processes keep ENTJ people from their actual goals.
  • With theirs endless energy it is easy for them to lead teams and motivate themselves.
  • you trust in their strengths and know that they can do great things.
  • ENTJ personalities are strategic thinkerthat can distinguish large from small problems.
  • Through her charisma and their inspiring charisma, they are respected as team leaders.

ENTJ personality weaknesses

  • Unfortunately, all that self-confidence and great willpower can sometimes go too far and inDominance and stubbornness end up.
  • ENTJ personalities are not emotional people. It bothers them all the more if something doesn't go according to their plan, especially if it is based on emotional reasons. intolerance however, it can be the undoing of every entrepreneur.
  • ENTJ people often become very strong because of their own urge to kick impatient.
  • arrogance is a common weakness of character in these personalities.
  • As mentioned earlier, feelings are not exactly high on an ENTJ personality's list. Not only the feelings of others, but also your own are often neglected. That leaves them sometimescold and reckless look.

Are ENTJ Personalities Really Better Entrepreneurs?

The strengths and weaknesses analysis of the ENTJ personality clearly shows characteristics that can be found in many successful entrepreneurs.

But no matter how well someone can bring their own ideas to people and create a motivating work environment with charisma and energy - without empathy such a person will not get very far.

Drive, strategic thinking and good self-confidence are important, but ultimately a business revolves around one thing: that To satisfy a person's need. However, if you don't have patience for human needs and feelings, sooner or later this will have a negative impact on your own business.

Conclusion: The ENTJ personality appears to have many qualities that traditionally an entrepreneur or boss should have. But they alone do not promise a glorious future as an entrepreneur. Other individual character traits decide whether you will build a successful company or not.

Which personality type are you? Take the test here:

16 Personalities: Free Myers-Brigg Personality Test Online

Does the ENTJ personality sound like a born entrepreneur? In your opinion, what are the qualities that characterize a good boss? I look forward to your comments!

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