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Why was my online payment declined?

If your online payment was declined, please check the transaction in the app to find out the exact reason.

The most common reasons for failed online payments are:

1. Online transactions are not activated.

You can check if online payments are enabled for a specific card by tapping it and selecting PIN & Security.

2. The billing address was not entered correctly.

Some websites ask for a billing address as part of the checkout process - you should always enter this exactly as it appears in the Revolut app.

3. The payment has not been confirmed in the app.

For some payments, the merchant may ask you to confirm the payment in the Revolut app and you will receive a push notification from us on your device. Just open your Revolut app and click "Next".

If you have problems verifying a payment, please close and reopen the Revolut app, then you can try again. If the transaction amount is over € 250 (or the equivalent in another currency) and the merchant does not trigger this additional payment confirmation, the payment may fall into a category that we must refuse according to European payment regulations.

Unfortunately, only the dealer's website can trigger 3DS, so they have to fix the problem.

If your transaction meets these criteria, try to split your shopping cart into smaller payments if possible.

You can learn more about these regulations here.

If the transaction is declined but shows the payment is complete, please complete our online chargeback form.

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