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aLip service
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Register now ("Guest" at the top right or on the registration page) and take advantage of other advantages!a Promises that are only made in order to distinguish themselves, but are not put into practice; Statement without inner conviction; hypocritical confession"For Getzner, doing business sustainably is more than just doing business aLip service"; "A The reason for rejection at the time was: 'Something like that has to be dealt with differently.' Nothing has happened since then. So this sentence is only aLip service"Political hypocrisy"; "Even so, he did this Lip service kae let deeds follow ";" Faith as mere Lip service is worthless and can not save anyone ";" We go in the frame ahe ecologically oriented company management carefully and sparingly with resources throughout the logistics chain. That this is more than aLip service is, we prove with deeds ";" Thanks to tuition fees, selection mechanisms are more effective than ever before, education is even more tied to the social status of students, and free access to knowledge is not atimes more Lip service