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Top 20 Evil Characters in Anime

With unlimited strength and sturdy armor, our heroes need their own evil counterparts to keep them at bay. Known as enemies, antagonists, or even a great plot tool, these villains are the main motivators for the protagonists and their friends to grow and seek strength.

However, not all evil characters are villains as some may be antihero while others may not even deserve that title.

While most of the bad guys are respected, the characters I'm talking about will make your skin crawl in disgust and itch your hands to give them a good punch. They are the epitome of evil and have certainly made Hell their home.

Although these sick characters make us question humanity, they are the perfect addition to any show, be it to highlight the goodness of the protagonist or just to traumatize the audience for fun.

As I read this, I am sure that some of them must already have popped up in your head, for example the creator of a particular long haired dog (honestly, I am still traumatized after this scene).

But why stop there? Let's see the 20 most evil characters in the anime and find out where this creature is.

[Disclaimer and Warning Trigger: There will be spoilers as well as words that some people may trigger. Please proceed carefully.]

20. Rachel

Anime - God's tower

Goal - See the stars

Crime - Murder and torture

Just one mention of her is enough to enrage any "Tower of God" fan.

Despite being one of the most hated characters, is she evil enough to be on this list? The answer is yes.

Rachel has murdered, tortured (RIP Dan's legs), manipulated, cheated on so many people, and her only excuse for doing so? See the stars. Oh, and becoming a hero too.

She is a manipulative, insecure girl who will not hesitate to do anything and everything to achieve her goal. In his pursuit The worst thing she did is betray Baam, the boy who dedicated everything, including his life for her.

While SIU declared her the female protagonist, he may have had to work extra hard for the fans to give her another chance.

19. Nobuyuki Sugou

Anime - Sword art online

Goal - Become the god of the SAO

Crime - Sexual assault and attempted murder

This man has tried all kinds of crimes, be it abuse, sexual assault, kidnapping or hacking. Nobuyuki uses his position both in-game and in the real world to respond to his obsession with Asuna.

He captures her consciousness in a game, ties her up, and harasses her while simultaneously impaling Kirito with a sword. All of these actions make him the epitome of evil.

18. Kyuubey

Anime - Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Goal - Prevent the destruction of the universe

Crime - Other than almost destroying worlds, manipulation and betrayal.

Have you ever heard of this statement: "The man who does evil and doesn't think about it is perhaps the most dangerous of them all?"

The next character on this list, that is, Kyuubey, embodies it perfectly, aside from the fact that it is more of a cute pet than a man.

While his breed is known to have no emotions, He deceives little girls about the pact and basically makes them sign a contract with dire consequences.

Just like Faust, who signed the contract with a devil in the shape of a poodle, these girls do the same thing, only that he is in the shape of a cute feline creature.

Despite his goal of preventing the destruction of the universe, It causes the impending destruction of several planets and almost ends the timeline itself.

17. Donquixote Doflamingo

Anime - One piece

Goal - Chaos the world

Crime - Mass murder, enslavement, torture

Doflamingo is one of the most popular anime villains of all time, and that's mainly due to his intrepid revelation of evil deeds. He's cruel, sadistic, twisted, manipulative, a terrible person, and he owns it.

Experienced heaven and hell when he was eight, Doffy decided that he would not rule the world as heavenly but see it in utter chaos.

Just to give you an idea of ​​the deeds he did, Doflamingo killed his father and brother, took over a kingdom, and for years began a chain of misery, enslaved thousands of children to the elderly.

And unlike the previous entry, he wasn't even polite enough to ask.

16. Seryu ubiquitous

Anime - Akame Ga Kill!

Goal - Deliver justice

Crime - Murder, torture

Ironically, Seryu was ranked 16th on the list of the most evil characters despite wanting to destroy all "evil".

Because of her father's background, she has a twisted sense of justice, which results in her reckless, psychotic, and criminal actions against people who she believes should be punished.

She sees the view in black and white, is merciless, and kills without a moment's hesitation. She is also completely blind to the evil around her and only acts violently in matters that she believes need justice.

Her incoherent view of the world and her actions make Seryu one of the most evil and hated characters of all time.

15. Light yagami

Anime - Death Note

Goal - Create a world without crime

Crime - Mass murderer

Light Yagami has become the blueprint for antihero, and it's obvious why. He is one of the best-written characters whose descent into madness is accelerated after the death note is discovered.

With a book that can kill, his sense of justice warps as he sets out to create a perfect world. What makes him such an amazing and evil character is his failure to see anything wrong in his actions.

Light managed to control the world around him with the flick of his pen and led it in chaos despite the apparent lack of crime.

He showed no remorse for his family, close ones, or even Misa. He killed everyone who blocked his path and ended up falling on the same weapon that allowed him to.

He is the ultimate evil that starts out being good, then becomes an antihero, and finally a villain who died a pathetic death. There is no redemption for the light and his death is one of the most brilliant moments in the entire anime as a self-appointed god eventually loses his size.

14. Medusa Gorgon

Anime - Soul eater

Goal - Destroy the world

Crime - Murder, torture

Medusa Gorgon, a powerful witch from Soul Eater, is the antagonist in the series. She has committed several heinous crimes, including molesting her own child, Crona.

In addition, she has attempted omnicide and regards anyone who stands in the way of the “evolution” of the world as a threat.

Because of this, Medusa is proven to be the meanest person on the series. Finally, a parent who subjects their own child to extreme torture and wants to destroy the world must be included on this list.

13. Gaku Yashiro

Anime - Soul eater

Goal - Stay out of jail

Crime - Mass murder, kidnapping, torture

Behind Gaku Yashiro's facade hides a pitiful, sadistic and hideous person enjoys murdering children.

His desire to do this came from childhood when he loved to drown hamsters. He's one of the few really bad characters who is bad because of that.

12. Father

Anime - Fullmetal alchemist

Goal - Become immortal and a god

Crime - Mass murder, genocide, warmongering

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood has shaped the Shonen genre, especially through the less typical portrayal of evil.

At the beginning, Father was nothing more than a tiny dwarf in a bottle and yet he found a way to bring entire civilizations to ruin.

He experimented and killed countless people in search of immortality and threw the whole world into a total collapse.

11. Junko Enoshima

Anime - Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

Goal - Fill the world with despair

Crime - Mass murder, worldwide destruction

Junko wanted everyone to be desperate and do that She tortured, killed, and subjected people to years of abuse.

Her malevolence knew no bounds as she drove others crazy and watched them murder their friends and families. In the end, almost the whole world brainwashed her and brought her to her knees.

10. Naraku

Anime - Inuyasha

Goal - Become a full demon

Crime - Mass murder, abuse

Naraku is the main driving force behind Inuyasha anime and has been the constant motivational factor behind the characters on the series. As its name suggests He literally has power over the underworld and is high on the pettiness scale of evil.

Naraku likes to play with people's emotions and It seems like his only motive in the series is exposing Inuyasha and his companions to pain.

He is a master cheater who even managed to outsmart the great Sesshomaru.

From the start, he manipulated Inuyasha and his lover Kikyo, which led to their tragic end and left Kohaku to kill his entire family as Sango watched.

9. Shinji Matou

Anime - fate

Goal - Become the heir

Crime - Rape, kidnapping

Shinji is extremely incompetent and downright psychopathic. He tortures people, holds an entire school hostage, and kills others just to prove his self-worth.

After seeing how he abused his classmate and raped his own sister, the urge to beat him to death has grown in every person watching the show.

Even the satisfaction of having received his karmic end is not enough to suppress our anger at one of the most evil and disgusting characters of all time.

8. Dio Brando

Anime - JoJo's bizarre adventure

Goal - World domination

Crime - Mass murder, sexual assault

As another character to add to our ever-growing collection of evil characters, Dio fits in perfectly. He is a moral character whose lust for power leads him to commit horrific acts.

Let's tell what he did. First, He nearly stole Joestar's fortune, then forced himself on Jonathan's girls and slaughtered hundreds of innocents.

He poisoned the man who treated him as a son and, having reached his point, again caused disasters in the world.

7. Diva

Anime - Blood +

Goal - Kill her sister

Crime - Attack, mass murder, rape

Diva is another character whose actions are impossible to comment on without leaving out a profanity or two. After fatally injuring her brother, she captured him, raped him, and eventually killed him.

While Diva was locked in a tower and mentally abused, her actions are not excusable. She also killed many others and turned almost the whole world into chiropteran monster farmers.

6. Frieza

Anime - Dragon Ball Z

Goal - To attain immortality

Crime - Mass genocide, mass murder, torture

Like everything else in the Dragon Ball franchise, its characters' viciousness is on an entirely different level.

Frieza is an extremely sadistic person who takes great pleasure in slaughtering the entire planetary population.

He enjoys the agony inflicted on others and makes a point of torturing his victim before killing him.

During the tournament of power arc, in his search for immortality, Frieza enslaved races and wiped out most of the Saiyan race.

The only one who can compare himself to his murderous and sadistic tendencies is the newest villain, Moro.

5. The mayor

Anime - Hellsing

Goal - Create the greatest war in history

Crime - Mass murder, war crimes

Two things cement his place on this list as one of the most evil characters - he's a Nazi and his love of war.

Throughout the series, his troubled and troubled speeches manage to attract a large following and create an army of vampires, monsters, war zeppelins, etc.

His main goal throughout this time is to drag the world into a great, never-ending war and see it to the end, even if it ends in his death.

He killed more than three million people for no particular reason and crimes committed that can give us nightmares for days during our lifetime.

4. Majin Buu

Anime - Dragon Ball Z

Goal - Live a life of peace

Crime - Mass genocide, torture

Majin Buu is another case in which a character is evil just because of that. Despite his childlike appearance He destroys entire planets just to bend over and tortures people for the same reason.

His more sadistic tendencies play out in the series when, after getting tired of murdering people, he turns them into clay and builds a house out of them.

He also turns an old man into milk and feeds it to an innocent boy for no apparent reason, except that the boy did not initially fear him.

Although he now wishes to live a peaceful life on earth, his crimes are permanently entrenched in our minds.

3. Griffith

Anime - Angry

Goal - Rule a kingdom

Crime - Mass murder, rape, torture

Next on our list is Griffith, the perfect example of deceptive appearances. While most evil characters aren't often blessed with aesthetic beauty, Griffith looks heroic and divine.

However, you will be headed in a direction to Hell if you judge him by that.

After Guts leaves his mercenary group, his psychopathic, manipulative, and obsessive nature comes to the fore as all traces of his morality disappear.

He sacrifices his band to become a powerful demon and be driven by vengeance; he rapes Guts' pregnant lover Casca right in front of him.

In this way, he solidifies his position as the most evil character that ever existed so much that even the torments of Hell couldn't be enough.

2. Johan Liebert

Anime - monster

Goal - commit suicide

Crime - Murder, torture

Johan jumps past the scales of human evil. Each of his actions is aimed at creating more chaos and destroying everything around him. After the surgeon rescued him, he killed his staff and went on a rampage.

He manipulated students on a military program to kill each other and massacred people who invited him to become the new Adolf Hitler.

Johan's callous demeanor and delight in human suffering make him a perfect monster.

1. Shou Tucker

Anime - Fullmetal alchemist

Goal - Reinstate his state alchemist license

Anime - Abuse, Immoral, and Illegal Experimentation

Shou Tucker is the most evil character in the anime when he brought his daughter Nina and dog together into a terrifying monster.

Any indecent word cannot describe this man. Although they did not initiate wars or commit mass murder, they managed to make every single human being, and probably even Satan, hate him.

The moment the chimera uttered its first words, the audience dawned on the realization.

The trauma and pain this moment caused kicked off the screen and ensured that Shou Tucker was condemned to a never-ending cycle of abuse by any anime fan.

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