Is lotion really good for your skin?

Bodymilk: care for dry skin?

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Especially in winter you should carefully apply lotion to the skin after showering.

Many people tend to have dry skin in winter. The reasons for this are the cold outdoors and the dry heating air. Care products such as body milk and body lotion are designed to keep the skin moist and supple. Some manufacturers promise that their products will work for up to 48 hours. But not every product is suitable for every skin type.

Body lotion and body milk in comparison

Body care products for dry skin differ mainly in their consistency:

  • A Body lotion is light skin care.
  • A Body milk gives the skin more moisture.
  • A Body butter or a Body oil provide a lot of moisture.

In winter, experts recommend a body lotion as basic care to prevent the skin from drying out in the first place. For symptoms such as rough skin, itching or dandruff, you should apply a richer body care product, depending on the severity of a body milk, body butter or body oil.

Bodymilk: How Often Apply?

In a sample of the market there were hardly any differences between cheap and expensive body milks. The effect of all products lasted for the duration of 24 or 48 hours promised by the manufacturer. Depending on the product, it is enough to put on the body milk once a day or every two days to prevent the skin from drying out.

Beware of fragrances

Fragrances in body lotion, body milk, body butter or body oil can be a problem for people with previously damaged skin, for example due to neurodermatitis. You are more prone to allergies that can be triggered by fragrances.

The scientific committee for consumer safety of the EU commission rated the fragrance butylphenylMethylpropional (also called Lilial) as "not safe". A genotoxic, i.e. reproductive harm, potential cannot be ruled out.

Mineral oil and parabens are considered safe

Some products contain mineral oils. They can be recognized in the list of ingredients by names such as Cera Microcristallina or Paraffinum Liquidum. Parabens are suspected of disrupting the hormonal balance in the body.

The manufacturers point out that the mineral oils used in cosmetics are safe and highly purified. Even experts like Prof. Steffen Emmert from the Rostock Dermatology Clinic do not see any health risks from mineral oils and parabens, because the amount of substances absorbed through the skin is low.

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