Who are Black Panther's enemies

This enemy could compete in the "Black Panther" sequel

"Black Panther" only recently brought the battle for the throne of Wakanda to the big screen and is still busy breaking record after record. Nevertheless - or perhaps because of it - the rumor mill about sequels is already starting to simmer.

There seems to be no question that "Black Panther 2" will come in view of the incredible box office results of the current blockbuster. No wonder that many fans are already busy pondering what the sequel could be about. Nerdist claims to have found the answer in a 2010 Marvel comic book.

Black Panther vs. Doctor Doom?

In the storyline titled "Doomwar", T'Challa has to deal with none other than Marvel chief villain Doctor Doom. He overthrew the government of Wakanda, subjugated the country and even secured the benevolence of the panther god Bast. He has a lot of magically souped-up "Doombots" at his side. With which he should even make the defensive Black Panther sweat.

The storyline would not only be the perfect sequel material to deliver a worthy successor to the action-packed first "Black Panther" film. It would also be the ideal opportunity for Disney and Fox to bring their heroes together in one movie.

Will T'Challa soon meet Deadpool, the X-Men and Co.?

After all, the deal between Disney and Fox is about to close. Once the financial and legal issues are resolved, the next step for those in charge is how to get the MCU heroes and the X-Men together most convincingly. How practical would it be to bet on a story that already contains most of the characters?

In addition to T'Challa's Black Panther, the "Doomwar" story also features his sister Shuri as a female Black Panther, the Fantastic Four, Deadpool, Wolverine, Nightcrawler and a special unit of Dora Milaje, the "Midnight Angels". Pretty exciting prospects.