Why can't I like anyone but me?

Theme: Does it mean "everyone wears red socks except me" or "everyone wears red socks except me"?

Which case on exceptdepends on the different meanings and uses. For one, can except as a prepositionare used - and here the cases required by the preposition differ again according to different meanings - and on the other hand, is except occasionally also as a conjunctionsecond hand.

1. With the preposition except4 different categories can be distinguished depending on the meaning or connection:

1. except in the sense of "excluded, apart from" 2. except in the sense of "outside" 3. except in connection with verbs of movement 4. except in these fixed turns
Case correction (i.e. which case is required by the preposition) dative dative accusativeGenitive
example "You couldn't hear anything except the ticking of the clock." "You can also come out of time." "We should put freedom of expression and freedom of the press beyond any doubt." "He has been out of the country / home."

If you look nowexcept in your example as a preposition, it may be used to mean “excluded, apart from”. Thus the preposition calls for exceptfrom their "teammate", that is, from the following word, usually the dative. Therefore, this analysis method would lead to the following result:


(1) “Everyone wears red socks but me.“

2. The second possibility is except to be regarded as a conjunction. While There are prepositions within clausesand thus determine the case of the other player Conjunctions outside of clauses, since they serve to connect similar words, groups of words, etc. with one another. That means that in this case no except requires a certain case, but rather the case by the reference word, what by except is combined with the following phrase is determined.
In your example is all, i.e. the subject in the nominative, the reference word for the word following the conjunction. Hence, in this reading, the Pronouns in the nominative set:


(2) “Everyone wears socks except me.“

Conclusion: After this analysis, it can be concluded that depending on the reading, both variants are permittedand therefore the decision depends on yours.