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Stranded giants

December 11, 2020, 1:00 p.m.

In November, Sri Lanka saw the largest whale stranding in the island's history. 120 of the pilot whales stranded on Panadura Beach were rescued by volunteers and marines and led back into the open sea.

In September there was a mass stranding along the west coast of Tasmania in Australia, which resulted in death for the majority of the marine mammals. Of the nearly 470 whales, 360 died. Just a few days earlier, dozens of broad-billed dolphins perished on the coast of Mauritius.

"The whale stranding phenomenon has always existed," says Nicolas Entrup. The underwater noise expert has been working in marine protection for more than 25 years, including for OceanCare, an NGO that, as the UN special adviser on marine protection, ensures that the oceans and their inhabitants are protected worldwide. "In addition to the live strandings and the dead strandings of whales, there are the so-called atypical strandings. If different species of whales strand in a manageable area, then we know: Here humans definitely have a hand in it."

Thousands of marine mammals strand around the world every year; the causes are varied and a reason cannot always be identified and named. Researchers often suspect that the animals have lost their orientation. But what?

As a guest at Elisabeth Scharang, Nicolas Entrup speaks about the phenomenon of stranding, theories about possible causes, the contribution made by humans - through the search for oil, through noise and environmental disasters or fishing - and the oceans as the habitat of whales.

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