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Pumps for building services, industry and the garden

The Zehnder Pumps range extends from small submersible pumps to all types of garden pumps and domestic waterworks, as well as lifting systems for waste water and sewage, to grease traps and pressure boosting systems. Fixed and ready for installation including all accessories for quick and easy assembly. By the way, Zehnder pumps are available nationwide from specialist dealers. Our sales team in Germany and Europe will be happy to help.

Brand pumps with satisfaction guarantee

Our understanding of service is very simple. At Zehnder Pumps, we are only satisfied when our customers are satisfied. You can rely on the constant availability of our products, immediate delivery of spare parts, comprehensive advice on planning and product selection as well as an extensive customer service network. In short: we are always there for you. Even after the purchase.


recent job offers

We are looking for an export sales manager (m / f / d), a buyer (m / f / d) and an employee in production (m / f / d). full-time. You can find the job posting here.

100% added value in-house

Zehnder pumps have to move a lot of water. And that for many decades. That is why only the best materials such as stainless steel or high-quality plastic are processed in our production at the company headquarters in Grünhain, Saxony. And that's why we like to keep an eye on the entire value chain. At Zehnder Pumps, development, production, sales, service and logistics are all from a single source. How do our customers benefit from it? You get a branded pump that is energy-efficient, low-maintenance and quiet. A quality product is only really good if you don't even notice that it is there. Like a real Zehnder. Would you like to read more about our quality philosophy?

Customer testimonials

  • "Lately we have been increasingly replacing old lifting systems that are prone to failure and inefficient with the Kompaktboy from Zehnder Pumps. Thanks to space-saving installation, energy efficiency, low-noise operation and robustness, this series combines all the requirements that are placed on a modern lifting system."

    Pumps Lehmann GmbH Sonnenallee 224 G 12059 Berlin

  • "All of the garden pumps, domestic waterworks and deep well pumps that we use work reliably and are quickly available from dealers or ex works. I particularly appreciate the close cooperation with the Zehnder Pumps sales force, who can personally organize short-term deliveries in particularly urgent cases."

    Andreas Klaue Inst.-Betrieb, Luckauer Str. 48, 03253 Doberlug-Kirchhain

  • "Since visiting the Zehnder Pumps factory in Grünhain, I have been enthusiastic about their manufacturing diversity and flexibility. When a complication arose when commissioning the small lifting systems we often installed, the manufacturer's telephone support immediately helped us."

    Bast Heizungsbau, Goethestrasse 4, 15569 Woltersdorf

  • "With the Frießen project (30 pressure drainage systems) I was able to fall back on the brilliant help of the Zehnder company. Mr. Klug looked at the local conditions and looked for an individual solution for each individual household resort to competent help. "

    Company Jörg Weller Reichenbach / Vogtland

  • "I was positively surprised that Zehnder Pumps did not hesitate to advise me on site, even for small objects and single pumps. Since then I have used FSP 330 flat vacuum cleaners with ENS, small lifting systems, etc. several times and am very satisfied with the Saxon quality."

    Andre Schnabel Chairman of the Vocational Training Commission of the SHK-Fachverband Sachsen

  • "As a calculation department, we are dependent on expert, high-quality offers. We receive these from Zehnder Pumps within a very short time and we would like to thank them for them."

    Mr. Dirk Salostowitz from Salostowitz GmbH in Gornau

  • "After the first joint projects, I have stayed at Zehnder since then because they offer good service. Even on-site advice or troubleshooting over the phone is always available at short notice. Short delivery times, good quality and, at the same time, fair prices are further arguments for Zehnder."

    Casper Haustechnik GmbH, Langheimer Str. 1, 96264 Altenkunstadt

  • "What I particularly appreciate about Zehnder Pumps is that the company always has a well thought-out solution ready, even under difficult operating conditions. If you don't just need off-the-shelf products, Zehnder Pumps is the right place for you."

    Daniel Bitzer service building services, Hähnelstr. 25, 04177 Leipzig

ready-to-assemble systems

For this, sanitary wholesalers, pump retailers and plumbers like us:

At Zehnder Pumps, you get all pump systems and systems as ready-made packages including all accessories. Installed quickly and easily, a Zehnder will work reliably and quietly for many years. Calculation and deadlines are correct, the customer is perfectly happy and a loyal Zehnder pump fan from now on. What more do you want?

Pumps for home and garden

Cellar full, garden pond muddy, rainwater cistern full?

Zehnder pumps products from the home and garden sector such as submersible waste water pumps, deep well pumps, garden pumps or rainwater utilization systems can be found in specialist shops. Talk to your plumber, building services wholesaler or pump dealer or contact our sales department on +49 (0) 3774 / 52-100.

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