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Translation of "exceeded" in Spanish

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superado superó expectativas


Fitz got on with herself exceeded.
Fitz se ha superado a sí mismo con esto.
The student has the teacher exceeded.
Así que el estudiante ha superado al maestro.
This year we have ourselves exceeded.
We have our goal by 50% exceeded.
Madame took care of our room herself exceeded.
La Señora realmente se ha superado a sí misma con nuestro cuarto.
Portugal has the employment targets for women and older workers exceeded.
En cuanto a los objetivos de promoción del empleo de mujeres y trabajadores mayores, Portugal los ha superado.
And Vince has himself exceeded.
Your courage will only depend on the size of your heart exceeded.
Su valentía it superada solo por el tamaño de su corazón.
I think I have myself this time exceeded.
This time you have yourself exceeded, Mother.
Many sequels have the original exceeded.
Muchas secuelas han superado el original.
Nothing ever has the rapture of that first awakening exceeded.
Nada ha superado jamás el encanto de aquel primer despertar.
Your protégé really has himself this time exceeded.
Your good taste depends only on your beauty exceeded.
Tu buen gusto sólo es superado por tu belleza.
You really have yourself exceeded, Lucy.
Realmente te has superado a ti misma, Lucy.
Psychiatry is a plague that can only be brought about by surgery exceeded becomes.
La psiquiatría es una plaga sólo superada por la cirugía.
The common agricultural policy has this quantitative objective exceeded.
La política agrícola común ha superado dicho objetivo.
Nine of the fifteen old Member States have their own Kyoto targets by more than 20% exceeded.
Nueve de los quince antiguos Estados miembros han superado sus propios objetivos de Kyoto en más de un 20%.
We commended Commissioner Busquin for our expectations in this area exceeded Has.
Hemos elogiado al Comisario Busquin, que ha superado nuestras esperanzas en esa esfera.
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