NPR podcasts are very informative

The best podcasts for commuting to work

Podcasts are audio broadcasts and in some cases video broadcasts, most of which can be downloaded or streamed free of charge. How do you find the ideal podcast in the sea of ​​offers to sweeten the day?

The easiest way to find podcasts is with the Podcast Addict (Android) or Podcasts (Apple) app. Both apps have their own media libraries, but the range is largely identical. They basically have two functions:

  1. You manage the podcast episodes that have already been noted or downloaded.
  2. They offer a search function for discovering new podcasts.

Just browse through the lists of the most popular shows and when you've found an interesting podcast, download an episode and try it out. Otherwise there is a risk of the memory being full, although you cannot keep up with the listening.

A targeted search will cover Podcasts on almost every topic imaginable from. Regardless of whether you are looking for C ++, hockey, sales, anime, business, coaching or horse training - you will find it.

The quality: (unfortunately) as diverse as the topics themselves

Anyone with a computer can theoretically record and publish a podcast. The fluctuation in quality is correspondingly large. Podcasts can be divided into the following broad groups according to publisher:

  1. Expert podcastspublished by companies, often EPUs, for marketing purposes.
  2. Hobbyist Podcastsmade by fans on specific topics.
  3. Radio and television broadcastsavailable as a podcast.
  4. Seriesthat have been specially developed for this medium by professional journalists.

There are interesting and entertaining podcasts in all formsn. Even if the production quality of amateurs does not reach the ORF level, the moderators' enthusiasm and the content are convincing. For podcasts that do not meet expectations, the following applies: Don't give up, keep searching.

Good podcasts from entrepreneurs and amateurs: our recommendations

If you are very interested in topics like marketing or entrepreneurship, they are Expert podcasts are often very good. An example: "Business for Superheros" by Vicky Fraser. Just keep in mind that the publishers want to sell their services or products as well.

Nevertheless, one can generally state that the podcasts recorded by professional journalists also sweep "normal consumers" away with them. You don't have to be a specialist nerd. The format is obviously suitable good for in-depth reporting and high-quality entertainment.

Popular and demanding series from public broadcasters in Europe and America

Radio stations in particular manage to produce informative and entertaining podcasts. "SWR2 Wissen" and "One Hour History" by DRadio Wissen are two such shows. The ARD radio Tatort is a must for crime fans.

If you want to listen to podcasts in English, you can't avoid programs from NPR (the American public broadcaster) and "This American Life". They are even long-running hits in the German and Austrian charts.

Finally, three more tips:

  1. Do not plague: Don't be afraid to cancel and delete badly-produced podcasts. Life is too short for that.
  2. Mix it up: New podcasts are constantly being created. It always pays to take a look.
  3. Watch out: Even with gripping podcasts, you get annoyed if you miss a stop because of it.

With that in mind, epunkt wishes you an entertaining trip to work! And if the commute takes too long, take a look at our jobs. Maybe there is a dream job closer to home.

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