How do companies remember their products?

Corporate Behavior: Controlling behavior in the company

Behavior: corporate behavior

The term corporate behavior refers to the behavior of a company internally - in relation to the employees - and externally in relation to the customers and the public. Corporate behavior is part of corporate identity. There are the following areas to consider for the corporate behavior of your company:

  • Internal corporate behavior: What is the working atmosphere like? What manners are there between the employees and the boss? Are these questions you should ask yourself about your company's corporate behavior?
  • Corporate Behavior extern: How do you and your employees appear to customers, suppliers and the public? This allows you to look at the external area of ​​your corporate behavior.

Establish the rules and norms of your corporate behavior in writing. Above all, train new employees in how to deal with customers. And above all: Live your own rules - the corporate behavior - and set a good example as the boss.

Create a good working atmosphere

  • Flat hierarchy:
    A recommendation for your corporate behavior is: Keep hierarchies flat - responsibility is related to the assigned tasks.
  • Working conditions:
    For corporate behavior, the working conditions must also be observed: Do your employees perceive the working conditions as pleasant?
  • Fee:
    A good corporate behavior also includes rewarding the performance of your employees - reward the team's success as well as individual performance.
  • Team spirit:
    Do something with your employees - not only the obligatory Christmas party helps to improve the working atmosphere in your company.
  • Attentions:
    Small gifts for a birthday or the weekly fruit basket can also create a positive atmosphere and thus contribute to good corporate behavior.
  • The boss:
    Your behavior as a boss is also very important for good corporate behavior. The Basta style is often out of place - listen, talk to your employees at eye level. Joint decisions are usually more widely accepted. Cooperative instead of authoritarian. Communication in the company is also important for good corporate behavior.

The satisfied customer as the key to success

Sure - your product or service is one aspect of the customer's decision to buy from you. But often the products and services on the market hardly differ from each other. You also need to create a positive memory of the purchase process with the customer. You can do this with a good corporate behavior. Explain your idea of ​​corporate behavior to your employees as well. The following can help you make a good impression on your customers:

  • A smile on the faces of the employees also makes the customer smile when they enter your store.
  • Be kind, polite, and attentive.
  • However, don't sell the customer anything that you are not convinced of yourself.
  • Always try to help the customer as best you can - but be honest if you can't and recommend another company if necessary. This also remains in the customer's memory.
  • Give small gifts and presents after shopping.
  • Listen to your customers - take criticism and try to fix bugs.

Customer contact, part of the external corporate behavior, is certainly one of the greatest challenges for you and your employees. First of all, "The customer is king" - but here, too, you should pay attention to the limits. Customers should also show respect for you and your employees. With regard to corporate behavior, make sure that there are limits here and protect your employees too.

Corporate behavior: the supplier as a partner

Don't see your supplier just as a "subcontractor". After all, he'll provide you with the things you need to run your business. As with employees, cooperation often brings you further. That is also part of good corporate behavior.

  • Don't try to bargain your supplier down to the last cent. The result may be savings in purchasing - but it is also likely to result in a reduction in quality or a delay in delivery.
  • A fair price ensures that your supplier can still deliver tomorrow.
  • A supplier who knows what he has in you will also show this. He knows exactly what you want and supplies you on time and with the appropriate quality. In addition, he can give you valuable tips, especially with preliminary products.
  • The procurement process is greatly facilitated by a well-rehearsed team and leaves you more time for sales.

Nevertheless, you should take a lot of time when choosing your suppliers. Check the quality and working methods of the supplier. You should also know the origin of the raw and starting materials for your products.

From corporate behavior to corporate design

The next chapter, "Corporate Design", is entirely devoted to issues relating to the design of advertisements, logos and business cards.

Author: Für-Grü editors

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