How to make tent poles

Repair tent poles

In 3 steps: Repair tent poles on the go

1 material To make a break in the tent poles seem like a makeshift, you need one Repair sleeve. Many manufacturers already include a suitable sleeve with their tents. The best thing to do is to leave them directly in the rod bag. Depending on the manufacturer and model, tent poles are of different thickness. That is why there are repair sleeves with different diameters. You will also need a few strips for the repair duct tape. If you don't want to carry a whole roll with you when you're on tour, you can wrap the repair sleeve at home with a few turns and always have tape with you.

2 repairs If the sleeve is slightly too big, you can fix the break with adhesive tape. Then you wrap as many layers of tape around the rod that the repair sleeve fits well. You can use it to prevent the sleeve from slipping off the break later additionally fix with adhesive tape. Alternatively, you can also press the end of the sleeve with the pliers from the multitool to prevent it from slipping.

3 Use A splinted tent pole is back well resilient, however, you should be careful with further use. Due to the thick sleeve, the rod can no longer be pushed through the rod tunnel so easily. You should also check the position of the sleeve after each folding.

After the tour, the broken element should definitely be replaced. How to do this is explained below in the article.

Do not you have time? We take care of repairing your tent poles in our workshop!