How can we practice acceptance in life

Acceptance - what is it?

If we accept the reality that we cannot change, we save ourselves negative feelings such as anger, helplessness and despair. Acceptance has been shown to have positive effects on our mental and physical well-being. We feel strength again and can focus our attention on the possibilities we have to overcome the crisis. Accepting relieves and is liberating! That is why it is important to accept reality.

TIP 1: Practice adopting a relaxed demeanor by making it clear to yourself again and again that this will also pass.

TIP 2: Have self-compassion. That means, be patient, that you are in a difficult position and that you feel helpless. What you need most now is understanding, comfort, and support. Give it to yourself instead of judging yourself. So treat yourself with love. Say the same comforting words to yourself that you would say to a friend: It will be again. That will pass. Heads up.

TIP 3: Learn to accept that you cannot control and influence everything. All people suffer strokes of fate, get into crises through no fault of their own, all people get older and die. Therefore it is important to learn (!) To accept life as it is. Closing your eyes and denying reality is not helpful. On the contrary: it is dangerous. That's easier said than done. I know. This helps when you look again and again makes it clear that you cannot control everything and that not always being in control is not a personal failure.

TIP 4: In a crisis, ask yourself: Assuming I could / would accept the situation, what could / would I do? Think carefully and carefully. This question gives you starting points for overcoming the crisis. You look ahead. You have hope.

TIP 5: Learn to be grateful. Appreciating and being grateful for the material and non-material things you have (health, healthy children, loving partner, etc.) makes it easier to deal with strokes of fate. Be sure to check out my post on gratitude. You will find a lot of suggestions and valuable tips there. It is worth it .. What to be grateful for and a little video about gratitude.

TIP 6: Make Friedrich Oetinger's famous saying about acceptance and serenity your daily prayer or mantra.

God give me the ability to accept things that I cannot change, the courage to change things that I can change, and the wisdom to distinguish one from the other.