What was Pink Floyd Songs about?

Pink Floyd - Another Brick in The Wall

Year: 1980
Length: 3:25
Album: The Wall
Label: EMI

"Another Brick In The Wall" wroteRoger Watersin protest against the private school system in England. He settles with the authoritarian school system of the post-war period. Corporal punishment, bullying and general insecurity among students were the order of the day in the strict private schools. ThatRoger Watersso decisive was that he was opposite each other within the bandDavid Gilmour could claim. The simmering conflict between the two heads of the band resulted1985 to exit fromRoger Waters, which then at the same time also has the resolution ofPink Floyd announced (for which he later apologized). To that extent wroteRoger Watersalso the hit "Another Brick In The Wall" alone.

A fatherless upbringing as a consequence of the war is discussed as a further motif. Handle hereRoger Watersin particular on the experiences ofPink Floyd-MemberSyd Barrett back.Syd Barrettwould havePink Floyd abandoned in the late 1960s,Roger Watersbut had the suffering of his childhood friend clearly in mind and made the story ofSyd Barrettto be part of "The Wall".

Pink Floydwas able to benefit from a generally anti-authoritarian youth movement of the 80s with the record. "We don't need no education" became the rallying cry of a generation. "Another Brick In The Wall" was the key track of the 1979 double album and soundtrack for the movie "Pink Floyd - The Wall" from the year1982.

By the way, the main actor in the film wasBob Geldofwho as the singer of theBoomtown Ratsand organizer of Live Aid had a significant media presence in the 80s. The artistGerald Anthony Scarfewas formative for the appearance of the album and the film.