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California Wine Institute: I test California wines - I like to drink wine. Preferably in connection with a good meal or when I want to relax in the evening after a long day. My preferences are neither necessarily red nor white wine; it can also be a rosé. For me, a good wine is much more a skillful combination with a harmonious meal than just the grape variety, the price or even the label. In addition to this attitude, I just always like to try new things - also with wines. Without further ado, I ended up on the super interesting one California Wines website. Until now, I have only been able to try Californian wines again and again as part of previous restaurant visits. So why not get to know great wineries from California virtually and order a few wines to taste at home?

The different wine-growing regions in California

How is it with you? - When I choose new tastes, I automatically want to find out more about the background, not just drink ;-). Say, first of all a little bit clever (more) about California, the wines, growing areas and backgrounds make. So far, my knowledge of California wines has admittedly been limited. After a bit of net input, however, my thirst for knowledge and my thirst for the wines increased. One of the first sentences on the website (“You could say that Californians take everything to do with wine seriously and see everything else as relaxed”) made me curious. So I learned something about the designation of origin, the most important regions and wine-growing areas of California as well as "the" local winegrowers and winemakers. The wine regions are divided into "North Coast", "Central Coast", "Sierra Foothills", "Inland Valleys", "Southern California" and "Far North California". I also learned that in California, viticulture, whether organic or not, also means managing and caring for your winery responsibly in dealing with the country, the neighborhood, the environment and the future generation. There are also a few video clips on sustainable viticulture online. The best thing to do is read it yourself and find out - it's worth it! So, now let's get to the wines and choose.

Who wants to eat and try wines? 😉

My wine selection

As described in detail, my wine selection should be a colorful mix and so I decided - even if the price is of course not a mandatory criterion for quality and taste - for wines between 13 and 50 euros per bottle. I wanted to try a combination of red and white wines and as many different wines as possible. The result was six wines, four red and two white. It was clear to me from the start that I would mainly combine the wines with my - currently home-cooked - food. The Christmas season is just around the corner and we have to take care of ourselves. Ergo, I also cook in a very different way - here again - in very different ways: sometimes fish, sometimes meat, sometimes just a snack or a relaxed glass in the evening.

My favorite: The “Decoy Merlot” - here with a little Parma ham for snacking

My first choice was one "Dutton Ranch Chardonnay" (2016) - a dry, fruity-aromatic Chardonnay from Patz & Hall. I found out on the website that the Dutton family is one of the most important and influential wine growers in the Sonoma County region on California's west coast. So I had to come here. It continued with my first red wine, by the way the favorite of my order "Decoy Merlot" (2017) and also from Sonoma County from the Duckhorn Wine Company. A dry - I prefer dry wines - finely aromatic Merlot with gentle tannins and a fruity, full-bodied aroma of paprika, rose and tobacco. My third choice was also a red wine. One "Hahn GSM Red Blend" (2018) from Central Coast. I opted for this one because a) dry, b) a bouquet of cherries, plums and figs and c) harmoniously with sometimes potatoes - and I eat them a lot and with pleasure. The following two wines - one"LOUIS M. MARTINI SONOMA COUNTY CABERNET SAUVIGNON" (2015)as well as one"HESS CHARDONNAY" (2018) I specifically chose for a dinner with my companion. The Sauvignon for steak and rosemary potatoes, the Chardonnay for linguine with sunflower Bolognese. Bottle number six became a red wine again:"Freakshow Zinfandel" (2017)- but not yet opened and tried, but a real eye-catcher when it comes to the bottle.

My selection of California wines

Incidentally, I decided on exactly this website and wines, because each wine is described in great detail and at the same time understandably. Sure, I don't know any of the selected wineries personally, so it is all the more fun to read into the interesting texts and learn more about the wines and the faces behind them. By the way, I got the wines from HAWESKO in Hamburg. I have linked all the wines of my selection to you directly above and you can read for yourself what made me choose these wines.

Try it yourself?

Do you feel like trying it too? And have you ever had California wine by your glass? At home or in a restaurant? If you now want to try what I can only recommend to you, you can order the wines directly from HAWESKO and, like me, find out in advance at California Wines Europe. Have fun browsing!

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