Are all gamer girls hot?

Gamer girls in the stream: Popular gamblers on Twitch

Gamer girls are no longer an exception, because the stereotype of the male gamer has broken down. The numerous gamblers prove this in their streams on Twitch - here are a few examples.

Gaming is for everyone, gender doesn't matter. If you want to look over your shoulder, you should take a closer look at the following channels on Twitch.

Fandy is currently playing "World of Warcraft"

Fandy is a seasoned streamer from Texas. She has been playing online for five years and currently has around 160,000 followers on Twitch. One of her favorite games is the well-known multiplayer game “League of Legends”, but she never says no to a game of “Counter-Strike” either. She currently plays “World of Warcraft” a lot.

Twitch: To the Fandy Channel

Lilchiipmunk: The exotic gamer

The gamer's name is Caroline in real life. She is half Vietnamese and half Romanian, we don't know where she lives. The fact is: she will soon have 450,000 followers on Twitch. And not without good reason: Your favorite games are “Valorant”, “League of Legends” and “Counter-Strike - Global Offensive”.

To the Lilchiipmunk channel

Pink_Sparkles has been banned many times

This streamer has it all behind her ears: Her revealing outfits have often been too hot for Twitch. She received various bans, but because she is so popular, she was allowed to stream again after a short time. Over 940,000 followers are quite a lot. No wonder Twitch gives in.

To the Pink_Sparkles channel on Twitch

TaraBabcock: The name says it all

Tara has been with us for ages and she takes gaming seriously: She sometimes plays very competitive strategy games like “Star Craft 2”. She is also a real all-rounder: She plays bass and lets over 190,000 followers look over her shoulder.

Twitch: The TaraBabcock Channel

LacedUpLauren is particularly communicative

LacedUpLauren is an expert on first-person shooters, but she also plays current games like “Among Us” or “Phasmophobia”. Aside from her gaming qualities, Lauren always has an open ear for her fans. In her private life, the streamer has a green thumb, as she proves on her Instagram account. She cherishes and cares for the plants in her home. And she's a huge fan of tattoos.

LacedUpLauren on Twitch

Which gamer girls do you follow on Twitch and why? Please write us a comment.

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