What is better if it is done naked

Get out of your clothes! 9 things you should absolutely do naked

Some go on nudist holidays every year, others don't even dare to go to the sauna or walk around naked in front of their partner. Often times, our attitudes towards it are related to the behavior of our parents and how we were raised. Because if you have never seen your mother, father or siblings naked, you usually find it difficult as an adult with freedom from textiles and a relaxed body feeling.

Nudity is absolutely great and can act like a liberation. It is definitely worth trying it yourself. We thought about what could be done naked. Here are nine nude ideas - for beginners and advanced users!

1. Sleep naked

Let’s start quite harmlessly and small: You should actually always do this (unless you have just caught a cold). Sleeping naked is simply beautiful, sexy and healthy! Especially if you do it in pairs.

2. Swimming naked

And everyone has certainly done that before: Swimming naked in a lake, in the pool or by the sea is simply an unbelievably great feeling.

3. Sunbathing naked

To be seamlessly brown for once? Feel the rays of the sun on your bare skin - everywhere? To sunbathe naked on the beach (please only on the nudist or secluded beach), in nature or in your own garden - perfect!

4. Eat naked

Eating is a sensual affair. Eating naked is the icing on the cake. And a boring love life can be sweetened with cream, honey and strawberries on bare skin.

5. Run around naked in the booth

Bad mood? Then pretzel something and dance through your booth, in front of the mirror, what ever. Naturally naked. In this case, pretzel means: Wear the make-up of a diva - and NOTHING else. You will feel amazing.

6. Standing naked in the rain

... preferably so that nobody sees it, though. This is the only way you can fully relax and enjoy the feeling of raindrops on your naked body. A garden, balcony or a secluded spot in the park (who's out in the thick of rain?) Would be suitable. Ideally, you will catch a warm summer rain.

7. Nude selfie

What Kim Kardashian can do, every woman can. Why shouldn't we also enjoy how seductive we look naked? You shouldn't send or take these selfies for anyone - just do it for you. Because you will find yourself sexy. Enjoy it!

8. Hanging out naked with friends

Your closest friends know everything about you. We are, so to speak, naked in front of them because they all know our fears, mistakes and quirks. So why not really pull it out in front of each other? Free yourself from shame and shame in front of one another and trust each other. You are best friends. Who else would you show yourself to? A real vote of confidence.

9. (N) nude photo shoot

Every woman should have done that for herself (!) Too: a professional nude photo shoot. At first, everyone will feel a little shy about undressing in front of a strange photographer. But that goes by quickly and then you are only happy about your own courage and above all about the stunning result in the form of really hot nudes. Pure adrenaline and you will feel proud like Oskar!