How expensive is Shillong for students


Trinuts GmbH spontaneously accepts scholarships for the 2020 academic year at the Don Bosco Technical School in Shillong, Meghalaya, India.

Trinuts GmbH has been cooperating with the Salesian Order Don Bosco for a nutrition project in the Meghalaya region in northeast India since 2016. Due to the current difficult situation, this collaboration was expanded at short notice: Trinuts supports students from families who have been hit particularly hard by the nationwide lockdown and who could not continue their studies without a scholarship.

At the Don Bosco Technical School in Shillong, the capital of the northern Indian state of Meghalaya, male and female students aged 15-18 can learn various technical professions. The school is a rarity because, thanks to the promotion of the Salesians, it is an educational institution with affordable tuition fees and an excellent reputation at the same time. Anyone who completes an apprenticeship here has the best chances in the local job market. For many families in this rural area, the Don Bosco Technical School is the only chance to provide their children with vocational training - the apprenticeship positions are accordingly in great demand!

The students are trained in various subjects in well-equipped training workshops. There is a large print shop with offset machines, the woodworking department with a CNC-controlled milling machine, the two-wheel and four-wheel mechanics department and electrics / cable laying. As we know it from apprenticeships in Germany, the D.B. Technical School combines practice with school operations. The departments even take on orders from the local economy and print brochures, manufacture furniture or support smaller workshops with student workers from the mechanics class.

Frank Siebert, managing director of Trinuts GmbH, came into contact with D.B. Technical School in Shillong: "I was invited to a tour of the Technical School and was very impressed by the commitment of the students and the teachers."

Although the tuition fees are comparatively low, it happens again and again that students and their families have problems constantly raising the money until they graduate - they run out of funds in the course of their training. Now the situation of these students is being massively exacerbated by the very strict lockdown imposed nationwide due to the corona virus. Even the few incomes of the families are collapsing and for those who are about to graduate, this is particularly bitter.

“In order to help particularly precarious cases in this exceptional situation, we have decided to offer short-term scholarships. We already know those responsible on site from our collaboration in the nutrition project and we know that we are looking for a targeted and effective
Use of the funds can rely. If you have the chance to achieve lasting, life-changing effects with comparatively few resources, then I think you should do that. " Siebert.

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