Can I track my wife's iPhone?

Share your location with your family

With Family Sharing, you can easily share your location with other family members using "Find Friends" or the Messages app. You can even help family members find lost devices with Find My iPhone.

If your device has iOS 13 or later, you can share your location with friends and family in the Find My app. release. If your Apple Watch has watchOS 6, use the Find People app.


The family organizer sets up location sharing in the family sharing settings. Once location sharing is enabled, the organizer's location is automatically shared with all members of the family group. Then each family member can decide whether their own location should be released. If you choose to share, your family members will see your location in Find My Friends and in Messages. If your family members have iOS 13 or later, they can see your location in the Find My app. see. If they have watchOS 6, they can see your location in the Find People app. Here you can also see where the family members are.

If you've turned on location sharing and your device is lost or stolen, you can also ask a family member to use Find My iPhone to help you locate it so you can get the device back. If your family member has iOS 13 or later, you can ask them to use the Find My app. to use.

Location sharing is not supported in South Korea and may not be available in other regions due to applicable laws.

Switch location sharing on / off

When sharing your location, you can decide whether you want to share your location with your family or not.

To find out if location sharing is turned on:

  1. Tap Settings> [your name].
    • If you're using iOS 11, tap Settings> [your name]> iCloud.
  2. Tap Share Location.
  3. Tap [family member's name] to share with that person.

If you no longer want to share your location, turn off "Share my location". This will hide your location from all family members and verified friends. If you want to share your location again later, you can reactivate the function at any time.

Select device for location sharing

By default, the location is shared from the device you signed in to Family Sharing on. If you want to share your location from another device:

  1. Tap Settings> [your name].
  2. Tap Family Sharing> Share Location.
  3. Tap Share Location> From.
  4. Select the device you want to share from.

Location sharing and Find My iPhone

If you join Family Sharing and share your location with family members, they can locate and secure your lost device.

If you previously turned on Find My iPhone on your lost device, family members can help you in the following ways:

  • View the location and the online or offline status of your device.
  • Play a sound on your lost device to make it easier to find.
  • Put your device in Lost Mode if a passcode has been set for it.
  • Remotely delete a device. *

If you don't share your location, family members won't be able to access your devices' location data. But even without location data, family members can help you. You can check the online or offline status of your device, play a sound on the device, put the device in "Lost" mode or wipe it remotely. *

* Before a family member can erase a device, the device owner must enter the password for the Apple ID signed in to that device.

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