Why is the band called Rascal Flatts

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The tenth album will be released on May 19, 2017 Back To Us of the Rascal flatts. Their first single "Yours If You Want It" became the fastest-selling single in the band's history.

If the three of Rascal Flatts were athletes - they would be top athletes. Olympic champions, world champions, a Champions League team. After all, that's out Gary LeVox, Joe Don Rooney and Jay DeMarcus Formation founded since the band was founded in 2000 has achieved everything that musicians can win: around 40 trophies such as CMA and ACM awards, gold and platinum albums, more than ten million concert tickets sold and - the benchmark for everyone Career status - sound carrier sales well above the 20 million mark.

Similar to Olympic and Champions League winners, such a successful band could - you might think - face a certain motivation problem. But because of! The title of their new album, which is as self-confident as it is to emphasize the band feeling, makes this clear: Back To Us. Back to us, back to the roots. What that means? “We got a nostalgic feeling during the recording of the album,” says singer and bassist Jay DeMarcus, “an atmosphere that reminded us of our first albums.” Lead singer Gary LeVox sees it similarly: “We are on the tenth Album fully focused. At this stage in our career, we know exactly what to say. We also still have so much new music in us - and, importantly, we still like each other. ”“ That's right, ”adds guitarist Joe Don Rooney,“ We ​​have a lot of fun together, fool around a lot and enjoy the time that we spend together. You can hear this camaraderie Back To Us also, I think. "

The wonderful video for “Yours If You Want It” shows that the band also has a good pinch of humor. Gary LeVox as a singing chef in a third class diner - a must see.

Back To Us is not just the title of our new album, "says Jay DeMarcus," but a feeling that describes our new songs and our band feeling. "Only true champions and world champions think that way.

Listen here Back To Us the Rascal Flatts: