Can we repair ABS in Duke 250?

Frame repair

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Align, repair and repair frames, including line laser measurement

All frame types made of steel and aluminum are repaired. A laser measurement is included in every frame repair. A survey report is created on request. To repair the frame, the frame must be at least partially dismantled. It is essential that the fork and the rear swing arm are dismantled. The frame is clamped and centered in the swing arm bearing of the straightening bench. A measuring device for the laser measurement is pushed through the steering head. Double loop frames can be repaired in the completely dismantled state, provided they are not compressed or the motor mounts are displaced. For all frame types that accommodate the engine as a load-bearing component, the engine must remain in the frame during the repair. We guarantee that the engine will not be damaged when the frame is repaired. It is also not screwed into the frame during the repair process. It should only be loosened in the screw connections and take on a placeholder function so that the screw connection points can be constantly checked during the repair. As a rule, a completely dismantled frame, in which only the engine remains attached, is the best preparation. If in doubt, ask our workshop professionals.


  • Deliver all Ducatis models from 1990 onwards completely dismantled
  • Deliver all BMW Boxer frames completely dismantled
  • Deliver BMW K models frames with built-in motor
  • Deliver Kawasaki GPZ-900R frame with motor, mounted rear swing arm

All other frames without swing arm or swing arm mounting in the frame. After consultation with the straightening workshop.

Line laser measurement protocol for frame repair 50 €

Repair steering stop, repair steel / aluminum 50/70 €

The steering stops are also damaged in almost every frame damage. Conversely, it must be stated: even a slightly deformed steering stop is a clear indication of frame damage. A frame with a deformed steering stop is to be regarded as warped until the opposite is proven by measurements. The statistics show: 95% of all frames that show damage to the steering lock are also shifted in the chassis geometry. The steering stop damage is a measure of the forces that were introduced into the steering head via the fork lever arm in the event of an accident. Steering stops are often welded to the lower bearing shell mount. Therefore, damage to the steering stop is often accompanied by damage to the lower bearing shell mount. The degree of damage to steering stops varies from slightly deformed to completely torn off. Often the corresponding steering stops on the fork bridges are also damaged. The steering stop system will only work again if all damaged stops have been repaired. Steering stops can be repaired or replaced with any conceivable degree of damage. This also applies to steering stops on steering heads made of cast aluminum materials, even if the broken cast parts have been lost.

Renew steering stop steel / aluminum 100/120 €

Remove / change the bearing shell 5/10 €

Repair bearing seat 180 €

The bearing shell receptacles in steel or aluminum frames are often deformed. Bearing shell mountings should not exceed an ovality of 0.15 mm or less. When it comes to repairs, there are various repair approaches that have to be differentiated from case to case. They range from inserting with a special adhesive to welding the bearing seats shut with subsequent milling to the original usable dimensions. We also have various oversize tapered roller bearings in our range that enable very elegant repairs. Price on request.

Align, repair, recondition the steel / aluminum swingarm € 200/350

Aluminum welding a. A.

Frame welding a. A.

Working hour in the straightening workshop € 150


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