What's so important on Black Friday

5 tips for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday

Bargain hunters watch out: November 27, 2020 is Black Friday! But what is behind this day in November and what is Black Friday or the so-called Black Week about? We explain the exciting discount days and give you five helpful tips for bargain hunting on the net.

What is Black Friday?

It's the shopping highlight of the year: Unbeatable offers as far as the eye can see - the Black Friday. But what exactly is behind that special day of shopping?
Established in the USA through brick-and-mortar retail, Black Friday is the official starting signal for Christmas shopping in the United States. With unbeatable offers, companies lure countless bargain hunters so even ensure that there is real mass hysteria.

It's good that Black Friday has now also reached online business!
There are some myths circulating today about the origin of Black Friday, the most popular theories as to why "Black Friday" is called as it is called are the following:

  1. The crowds of people pouring into the stationary shops and shopping malls on this day can only be seen from a distance as a large black pack.
  2. For dealers and sellers, the day is THE chance to get out of the red, i.e. a rather unsuccessful year, and to write in the black from this day on.
  3. Because so much money is made on Black Friday around the world, it is said that retailers have black hands from the amount of money that counts.

One thing is certain: “Black Friday” came to Germany in 2006 thanks to the electronics giant Apple. Since then, more and more retailers in Germany have been ringing in the Christmas business on this day with one-off discounts.

However, the per capita spending of buyers has recently been lower again: While German buyers spent an average of 111 euros on Black Friday 2018, according to GSG, it was only 105 euros in 2019. Young target groups and women were particularly keen to buy: almost 60 percent of the buyers were female, 81 percent were younger than 44 years.

What is Cyber ​​Monday?

In addition to Black Friday, there is now also the Cyber ​​Monday. Cyber ​​Monday was originally the answer of online retailers to Black Friday discounts in brick-and-mortar retail. In the meantime, however, both online and offline shops are participating in both campaigns. It takes place every year on the Monday after Black Friday. More and more retailers are even offering promotions and discounts throughout this discount weekend.

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The starting shot for the Black Friday falls this year on November 27th2020 at midnight. The Cyber ​​Monday starts on the Monday after, i.e. on November 30, 2020, also at midnight.

So that you are well prepared for the bargain hunt, we have five helpful tips for you:

Beware of fake shops and fake offers!

Don't be fooled by a lot at low prices and stay critical even with positive-looking reviews. Fake shops appear more and more authentic and also deceive experienced consumers. So that you are spared a rip-off, we use the Trusted Shops seal of approval to identify safe and customer-friendly online shops with honest reviews.

You can find the right safe shops for great deals in our shop search. With our Trusted Shops Browser Plugin for your Chrome or Firefox web browser, you can find safe shops while you google. Simply download the plugin and off you go! If you decide on a previously unknown shop without a common seal of approval on Black Friday, be careful not to pay in advance. A purchase on account can prevent nasty surprises here.

Good preparation is everything

Even if impulse purchases can be great fun: Find out in advance which product you need and which model really suits your needs. Because let's be honest: What good is the best offer if you don't like the order afterwards? A good mix of information from the manufacturer, independent test reports and real customer reviews gives you a comprehensive impression of the product.

Our additional tip for you: Make a list in advance of what you plan to buy on Black Friday. What do you really need, what is optional? What do the items cost outside of Black Friday? Also note down your maximum budget for individual products and then work through them systematically on Black Friday. So you can get great bargains when buying Christmas gifts!

It's worth comparing!

Depending on whether you use an Apple or Android device, whether you choose to hunt for bargains on a desktop PC or smartphone, or how you surf the web, the price of a product can differ from user to user. So compare the prices with different devices of friends or other family members.

The phenomenon of dynamic price management (Dynamic pricing) is not only evident on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. Even during regular online business, prices can differ for different users. It is therefore always worthwhile to go one step further when researching offers and to test several options.

Always find out about the manufacturer's RRP (recommended retail price). If the price of the Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday deal is well below the regular price, it is definitely worth taking a second look. Because even if particularly cheap offers can be found on the net on the two bargain days, an extreme ridiculous price can indicate pitfalls. However, you should definitely keep an eye on the price development of a product.

Our additional tip for you: When it comes to electronics, the best bargains are usually lurking on Black Friday. The price platform idealo took a closer look at the savings potential of electronic bargains on Black Friday - of course we don't want to withhold that from you!

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The strenght is to be found in serenity!

Even if many shops tempt you with exclusive discounts, it is important that you do not let yourself be disturbed and strike without thinking. Because often there is only a supposedly temporary bargain behind a limited and time-limited promotion. However, the discount continues to apply even after the two bargain days have expired. So don't let information like “Only today” or supposed countdowns disturb you.

Our additional tip for you: It is best to shop directly in the morning hours of the day of the action, here most of the offers are still available and you don't have to worry about missing offers or getting into a hectic rush.

Your bargain rights

Have you ordered a supposed bargain and realize that you haven't saved as much as you expected? Or did you accidentally order a different product than you wanted? Of course, you can also make use of your 14-day right of cancellation and warranty claim for online bargains that you order online on Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday.

You will find everything you need to know about revocation in a compact summary in our magazine.

Whether on Black Friday or not: We wish you happy bargain hunting!