Wearing glasses affects your visual acuity

Worse eyes through glasses?

Wearing glasses makes your eyes worse ... you often hear that from relatives, acquaintances and friends. According to this statement, wearing glasses makes the eyes lazy and thereby deteriorates eyesight (without glasses). So do the eyes really get worse when you wear glasses because they no longer have to exert themselves?

This is really a very persistent visual fairy tale. The clear answer here is: No, glasses have no influence on a person's ametropia (vision). It does not make the eyes worse or better. It also doesn't matter what type of ametropia (farsightedness or nearsightedness) is present. The eyes do not rest with the visual aid and as a result they do not deteriorate faster than without glasses.

It is normal for certain vision problems that the strength of the glasses changes over time. This effect is neither triggered nor influenced by the glasses. The nearsightedness arises z. B. mostly during school days, during the growth phase. Presbyopia occurs from around 45 years of age because the lens of the eye loses its youthful elasticity. Neither - the growth of the eyes and the stiffening of the lens - are affected by glasses.

If you wear glasses and walk around without glasses, you see worse - but you get used to it a little, because the brain learns to deal with the blurring. Of course, poor visual acuity is usually no longer sufficient for driving a car - but it is enough for a lot of housework. It doesn't matter if you leave the glasses off and are satisfied with poor vision for this time. It doesn't harm the eye. But it is of no use either, because omitting the glasses does not make the eye worse or better.

In the age of fitness, the idea is that you can train not only your body, but your eyes as well. But that's not true. Eye training can improve muscle strength or mobility. But through muscle training you can z. For example, do not reduce myopia, because it is not caused by weak eye muscles but by the fact that the eye grew too long during school time. Just as you cannot reduce your shoe size through exercise, exercise cannot reduce the size of your eyes either.

However, there is the possibility to make tired eyes a little fitter again through eye exercises and to reduce visual disturbances caused by tiredness. Because, especially when working long hours on the computer screen, the view can become blurred and blurred.

Important exception: Small children have to learn to see in the first few years of life. In children who z. B. are nearsighted or farsighted, glasses have the effect that the visual performance of the eye is fully developed. For this reason, children with ametropia must be presented to the ophthalmologist as early as possible and wear glasses regularly.

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