Is musical talent innate or learned

What is a talent?

An above-average talent

Talented people are people who have above-average aptitude in a certain area. You have a talent from birth, you can't train it. Of course, the talented can further perfect their talent through practice. So having a talent is something very special.

It is different with a special ability or strength. Everyone has at least one special ability. He can acquire this, so it is not innate. However, a certain talent must already be present. This can be expanded further through repetitive practice. Having a special skill doesn't always mean you have to outperform others in this matter.

Different types of talents

A talent or ability can be had in very different areas. There are people who have several talents, some more pronounced - others less. It is different with a talent: people usually only have above-average talent in one area.
We'll list a few species for you, see if you can find yourself anywhere!

1. Musical talent
Anyone who is musically gifted will find it easy to learn an instrument. Having a beautiful singing voice is innate and only becomes perfect with a lot of training. Musically gifted children like to listen to music and like to make music themselves. They have a good melodic and rhythmic feeling.

2. Artistic talent
Children with artistic talent often visualize things. You draw a lot, enjoy making things with different materials and have a good eye for photography. If you are creative, you don't necessarily have to be able to draw outstandingly. To be creative means to try a lot and also to implement things that you think up.

3. Physical talent
Children who are very skilled in their motor skills often have a so-called physical gift. They are good athletes in various sports. It is easy for physically gifted children to coordinate movements, such as dancing or acrobatics. Some also have good manual skills.

4. Logical talent
Some people are super good at memorizing numbers or understanding complicated things easily. They often think very logically and difficult arithmetic problems are easy for them. The gift of logic can be promoted through strategy games such as chess or puzzles.

5. Aptitude for languages
Children who are linguistically gifted read a lot. This talent shows up even as a toddler. They usually learn to read at an early age, make up stories and learn foreign languages ​​easily. Linguistic students have a lot of imagination and are often good at school.

6. Social aptitude
Do you immediately see how your friends are feeling in the face? Then maybe you are socially gifted. Socially gifted children can put themselves in other people's shoes, quickly find contact with others and are often mediators. They advocate fairness and are quite popular for being so positive about them.

Already knew? A special talent is called “absolute hearing”: These people can hear sounds from pieces of music and name them individually and without errors.