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Essay film and film review

Examination-immanent course


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Friday 16.10.15: 00-16: 30Digital
Friday 23.10.15: 00-20: 00Digital
Saturday, October 24th 1:15 pm - 6:15 pm Digital
Friday, October 30th, 3:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Digital
Saturday, October 31, 1:15 PM - 6:15 PM digital
Friday, November 13th, 3:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Digital


Objectives, content and method of the course

Frieda Grafe, one of the most important film critics in German-speaking countries, described the essay film as the "author's film of the documentary genre". A definition that has often been quoted - it refers to three questions that essayist filmmaking deals with: authorship, the relationship between fiction and reality, and an open or experimental method of narration. There is a special relationship between writing and filming here. In “writing” a film or in writing about a film, processes are expressed that are based on different essay terms. In this year's Viennale seminar, different terms of essay and essay film are to be discovered by examining the possibilities of critical writing about film. The seminar should not only deal with different formats of film criticism and texts on various essay terms, but also about the joint viewing of 6-10 films and / or short film programs of the Viennale (price per ticket € 6.50; the exact number of film viewings at the Viennale will depend on the program) also give an impression of contemporary forms of essayistic film.
The maximum number of participants of 30 students cannot be exceeded in this exercise. In addition, flexibility in terms of time during the Viennale (22.10.-1.11.) Is essential (the screenings will mostly be in the morning or afternoon). The distribution of the cards and the collection of the total costs will probably take place on the first seminar or screening appointment. The money is to be brought as precisely as possible in cash. For organizational reasons, please consider carefully whether you want to register for this course. The course may be carried out in partial presence of 2 groups. Visits to the cinema can also be partially divided into groups due to the Viennale's COVID19 security measures.

Type of performance control and permitted aids

Joint reading and discussion of selected texts; Writing 3 film reviews based on films seen at the Viennale (2x3000-5000 characters, 1x5000-10000 characters); possible short presentations in the seminar; Group work, peer feedback exercises on written reviews; possible publication of selected reviews on the TFM blog

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

STEOP completed; Flexibility in terms of time for the screenings during the festival is a prerequisite for participationCooperation (20%); Group work in the course (20%); 3 movie reviews (60%)

Examination material


Adorno, Theodor W .: The essay as form. In: Ders., Gesammelte Schriften, Frankfurt am Main, 1974, Volume 11 (Notes on Literature) pp. 9-33. Alter, Nora M./Corrigan, Timothy: Essays on the Essay Film. Columbia University Press, New York, 2017Anderson, Thom: Slow Writing - Thom Anderson on cinema. The Visible Press, London, 2017 Farber, Manny: Negative Space - Manny Farber on the movies. Da Capo Press, New York, 1998 Grafe, Frieda: Filmfarben - Selected Writings. Brinkmann + Bose, Berlin, 2002 Schaarschmidt, Ilka (Ed.): Hartmut Bitomsky. Cinematic truth. Vorwerk 8, Volume 8, Berlin 2003Ofner, Astrid (ed.): Retrospective "Der Weg der Termiten. Examples of an essayistic cinema 1909-2004", Vienna, 2007

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