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Herpes: how do the blisters develop?

To understand which Home remedies for herpes help, it is also important to find out the origin of the annoying lip sores. How does herpes actually develop? Did you know that about 90 out of 100 people get the herpes simplex virus bear in themselves? In the course of life, the body makes antibodies against the herpes virus. About 20 percent of those infected actively suffer from herpes, which is usually visible on the lips.

The cold sore is known as the cold sore. Because if the herpes breaks out once, the blisters will keep reappearing. Herpes can be transmitted through airborne droplets, such as coughing and sneezing. So even kissing and drinking from someone else's glasses can be enough to trigger a herpes infection. Herpes does not always have to be treated with medication. Fortunately, there are good home remedies for herpes that make the cold sores disappear quickly and gently.

How do I know that the herpes is breaking out?

Herpes announces itself before it finally breaks out. Common symptoms include a slight tingling sensation and tension on the lip. To curb the multiplication of viruses, can you help a little with ice cream? If you put an ice pack on the spot, you can prevent the first blisters on the lip. Simply wrap the cool pack in a dry tea towel and press it very gently onto your lip. If the first blisters are already visible on the lip, the ice will unfortunately no longer help against the cold sores. For this you need other home remedies for the herpes. The cool ice on the infected lips can do more damage to the thin skin.

The best home remedies for herpes

If you have cold sores, these home remedies should help you quickly. You should have most of them at home so that you can start using the application right away.

  • Tea tree oil: The tea tree oil can be used in many ways as a home remedy. So also against cold sores. The tea tree oil has an antibacterial effect and thus helps with many skin diseases. Very important: The tea tree oil should always be used diluted. Otherwise it can damage your skin. The tea tree oil is best mixed with water in a ratio of one to three. This is how you can use the diluted tea tree oil several times a day dab on your herpes.
  • honey: Did you know that honey also has an antibacterial effect against viruses? Thanks to its antimicrobial substances, the honey can even be applied to open injuries on the lip. Be like that Fights viruses and bacteria from within and aggravations avoided. By the way, the lips are softly cared for by the honey.
  • Lemon balm: The lemon balm extract actively helps against cold sores. By the healing plant the penetration of the herpes viruses is prevented. The spread and multiplication of the lip vesicles is stopped by the lemon balm. The plant can prevent cold sores, but also help after an outbreak. The cold sores usually disappear after a few hours and the herpes symptoms are also quickly alleviated.
  • Zinc ointment: The zinc cream is a real all-rounder when it comes to skin problems. The zinc ointment can also be used against herpes. The zinc ointment dries out the blisters so that they cannot spread any further. Incidentally, the home remedy for herpes can even with open blistersthat have either burst or accidentally been torn open.
  • Black tea: The black tea becomes one healing effect said. You can simply pour hot water over a tea bag, let it cool down a little and gently press it onto the cold sore. Alternatively, you can use a chamomile tea bag. Chamomile also has healing and antibacterial properties.
  • Garlic: Garlic has a disinfectant effect and is often used as a home remedy for herpes. Simply chop the clove of garlic and rub the bubbles with the garlic.

Does toothpaste help against herpes?

Even with this skin inflammation, the question of toothpaste as a home remedy for herpes seems to be popular. But the answer is the same as with toothpaste for pimples: it is not recommended to apply the toothpaste to the herpes. The cream contains irritating substances that are more likely to damage the inflamed skin. The toothpaste would only work if it contained zinc. Since it contains very few toothpastes, it is better to use the classic zinc ointment.

Effective home remedies for herpes: do I have to pay attention to anything?

When treating herpes, you should definitely be careful which home remedies you use. In the worst case, you can unknowingly spread the herpes viruses on your skin by experimenting wildly. Even if it is only an external application, you should always be careful. When applying the home remedies, you should rather with a cotton swab work. So you can carefully and selectively treat the blisters. The cotton swab is thrown away after each use on the inflamed skin. In addition, hands should be washed thoroughly afterwards. Otherwise you run the risk of spreading the virus on your fingers to another place on your face. For example, by looking in the eye.

What to do if no home remedy for herpes really works

If the treatment with one of the home remedies does not work after two to three days, you should find out about alternatives in the pharmacy. There are many creams available in pharmacies that fight the bacteria and viruses on your lips. But herpes patches can also be a good solution for the blisters on the lip.

Preventing herpes: is it possible?

Unfortunately, if you are already infected and the herpes has broken out, you can't really prevent herpes. Because the pathogens stay in your body for a lifetime from the first outbreak and can break out again at any time. But you can of course prevent further herpes outbreaks by taking the following things to heart.

  1. Strengthen your immune system: Eat a balanced and healthy diet that contains enough nutrients.
  2. Sufficient sleep: Make sure you get enough sleep and that your body isn't exposed to too much stress.
  3. Drinking water: The water balance also plays an important role for your immune system. Drink at least two liters of water a day!
  4. Healthy eating: A healthy diet goes hand in hand with plenty of fruit and vegetables. Avoid fatty products and pay more attention to lean products that contain fiber. You can also replace the dairy products with vegan alternatives. Fish and meat should be eaten in moderation.
  5. Sun protection: Sun protection is important all year round! Unfortunately, many forget that. There is also the right sun protection for the lips, which must not be ignored.

Herpes isn't just on the lips

By the way, herpes can break out on different parts of the body. The cold sore is the most common and common type of herpes. Since the herpes can be passed on through a droplet infection, infection is possible with a kiss or even sexual intercourse. Herpes in the genital area cannot be ruled out.

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