Why is the Speedpost unsuccessful

4. Testing and loose calls

How to test whether your new telephone connection works:

Method 1: test outgoing calls
Call the test number 10000. If everything is set correctly, you will hear an automated announcement.

Method 2: test incoming calls
Call your new sipgate basic number to test the connection to your telephone.

How to test the connection quality:
Call the free service number 10005. You can use the echo test to check whether your telephone connection is set correctly and the connection quality is correct. To do this, please speak a short text (max. 30 seconds in length). The system saves the text and plays it for you immediately. After playing, your text will be deleted automatically.

Errors and Solutions:

Error: sipgate registration does not work

Cause 1: Internet connection has not yet been set up
Solution 1: DSL / VDSL / LTE set up access data, then the sipgate call number should be able to register successfully
Cause 2: The SIP ID with the letter 1234567e0 was entered in the Call number / User name field
Solution 2: Enter the SIP ID in the format: 123456700 in the Call number / User name field
Note: You can find your SIP ID in the sipgate Account-> Phones-> SIP access data